What is your name?: Oliver Kou
Hometown?: Bellevue, WA
Majors?: Intended Chemical Engineering
Minors?: Intended Communications or English
Class?: Alpha Iota
Family?: Shunke
Who was your Big Brother?: Brendan Carlquist
Do you have any Little Brothers?: No
What instrument or instruments do you play?: Clarinet
Leadership positions held in KKPsi?: Brotherhood Committee Head
What are your hobbies? Ultimate and unhealthy amounts of YouTube
Favorite music? Chainsmokers and Best Day of My Life
Favorite KKPsi Moment? Brotherhood Olympics
Superhero name and superpower? Revilo and I would shoot spaghetti out of my fingers at annoying people and stop world hunger
Favorite joke? I’m going to spare you from my bad sense of humor
Favorite quote? “You have to be odd to be number one” – Dr. Seuss