Caldwell 2016

Family Colors: Forest Green, Silver

Family Slogan: “Children at play.”

Founding Brother(s): Our founder was James Caldwell and our family was founded during a time when many brothers were going conditional or inactive leaving many brothers without a big. Nikki Connis and Charlene Beam were among these brothers left without bigs and convinced J Caldwell who was VP at the time to be their big thus the Caldwell family was born. The family continued on to have it’s first non-adopted member Joe Roberts and has persisted until today.

Family Facts & Traditions: For years it has been tradition to give newly admitted actives mailboxes proceeding 3rd degree. The numbers on the mailbox refer to a secret code to remind the members of Caldwell what Kappa Kappa Psi is all about.

For more information about specific brothers, please visit the Active Brothers and Alumni Brothers pages.