My name is Kelsey Bolinger and this is what I look like:


Some of the work that I have completed in BCUSP 110:

What I Value:

The first written assignment was to write about what I value most in life. Click here to read what I wrote!!

My first experience programming!:

Excersize 5

Homework 9 (OWLS!):

Homework 9a:

Homework 10:

Homework 11 part 1:

Try moving your mouse around, and then click and see what happens! meow!

Homework 11 part 2:

Try typing:

Homework 11 part 3:

hungry bunny!

Homework 12:

break the brick!


School has been going great and I have learned a lot! However, you'll always find me with my BFF Sponge Bob :D