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About Me

I recently received my Ph.D in Information Science from the University of Washington. I worked with Jacob O. Wobbrock as part of the Mobile + Accessible Design Lab and Wanda Pratt as part of the iMed team. For three years, I worked with James Ralston, MD, MPH on reminders for chronic illness management at the Group Health Research Institute.

I spent two amazing summers with Google as a UX Research Intern. In 2015, I was on the Privacy Research and Design Team. I studied the privacy concerns and strategies of sensitive populations, including survivors of intimate partner abuse. I was hosted by Tara Matthews, Sunny Consolvo, and Anna Turner. In 2016, I supported designers and engineers to innovate cross-device user experiences that shift and adapt with context as users move through private and shared settings. I worked with Tao Dong, Elizabeth Churchill, Julia Haines, Michael Gilbert, and Jeffrey Nichols.

I specialize in working with diverse and marginalized populations to design technologies. My research in industry and academia has informed the design of clinician-patient collaboration, peer-to-peer psychotherapy, and online privacy.

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