Judo at the University of Washington

Judo is a modern, refined form of Jujitsu developed in the late 1800's by Professor Jigoro Kano. Its basic tenets are maximum efficiency and mutual benefit for Judo is practiced in more or less the same manner worldwide.


Club Practice
   Persons with Judo experience are encouraged to join our regular club practice, which runs MW (6:30-8:30pm) at the Intramural Activities facility. Everyone is welcome to observe, and we'll do our best to answer your questions.
Beginner Class
A beginner class is offered through the Sports Skills program once per quarter (Summer quarter excluded). This class covers basic Judo techniques with an emphasis on falls, basic throws, and basic pins. Chokes and/or arm-locks are introduced. It is designed to promote awareness of Judo as well as provide a solid basis for continued practice. During quarters in which there is no beginning class, the regular club practice format is adjusted to take on interested beginners.


Practice Policies

   The club tries to emphasize the principles of Kodokan Judo in all aspects of practice. Persons attending the regular club practice are expected to have basic ukemi skill, and to apply themselves to the best of their ability.

Membership Policies

   The Judo club operates under the UW's Recreational Sports program. The club is open to all currently enrolled or admitted students and to faculty/staff members with IMA membership. Spouses and registered same sex partners may participate in the club upon purchase of an IMA membership. University of Washington extension and UW Tacoma and Bothell students, ASUW Experimental College and UW Alumni Association members, and the general public are not eligible for membership. We maintain an active relationship with area clubs and can provide contact information as many of our members train or have trained with other local clubs in addition to the UW. Also, please refer to Northwest Judo for links to Judo clubs in the area.

Club Fees

   $15 per quarter. In addition to this, club members should obtain membership in a national organization for insurance purposes. Fees for the beginner class are arranged through the University.


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