University of Washington Judo Club

Etiquette in the Dojo

As with other martial arts, respect is an important part of Judo. Out of respect for the heritage of Judo, many traditions are observed during practice. One of these is the bow. Bowing is done as a sign of respect for having a place to practice and people to practice with. The following guide will help you in this dojo and others.

In our dojo, there is no distinction between the mat area and the dojo. If you visit other dojos however, you will want to show proper respect at both locations.

Safety Considerations

Because of the physical nature of Judo practice, it is very important to practice safely. It is possible to train very hard without becoming injured only if we have good technique and good control. While speed and power are helpful, proper technique is far ore important. Everyone's goal should be to perfect their techniques. The following safety and etiquette guidelines will help ensure that our practices are as safe as possible.

Brown Belts

Additional Information on Judo Safety and Prohibited Acts

- revised June 1996

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