Welcome to QGIS for Linguistic Research!

This is the website for the QGIS for Linguistic Research minicourse that will be offered as part of the LSA's 2018 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, January 4-7. The course itself is being offered on Thursday, January 4th from 10am to 3pm in the Envoy Room.

We ask that you install QGIS on your laptop prior to the workshop.

We have also linked below several useful files, including the datasets that we will be using in the workshop. We recommend putting all of the files into a folder called "QGIS Projects" that is easy for you to locate in your computer's directory (either My Documents or the Desktop).

Installing QGIS for your computer: QGIS Download

We will be using version 2.18 for the course (you are free to use version 3.0, which was released a month before the course; however, we've had very little time to test this version out ourselves). If you are using the latest Mac OS, the installation should be more straightforward using the links provided by QGIS (for version 2.18; we have not tried/tested the Mac OS version for QGIS 3.0). However, if you are using an older Mac OS, installation can become more challenging. Please contact us with any questions.

At-a-Glance Guide Available Here


First Exercise

Handout/Directions: Here

Dataset: dialectSurvey.shp

Second Exercise

Handout/Directions: Here

Data: (1)Mean Value Judgments    (2)U.S. Shapefile (#1)    (3)Raw Value Judgments

Third Exercise

Handout/Directions: Here

Data: (1)N.A.L. Shapefile    (2)WALS U.S.-only Shapefile    (3)U.S. Shapefile (#2)    (4)clipped.zip

List of other resources available here

Contact Information

Jennifer Cramer: jennifer.cramer(at)uky.edu
Ben Jones: jonesb28(at)uw.edu