Introduction to Continuous Mathematical Modeling

University of Washington, Seattle
Summer 2014
MWF 12:00-1:00, EEB 054

Jakob Kotas
jkotas "at"

Office hours:
Th 2:00-4:00
Lewis 129

Except week of 6/30/14:
Tu 7/01/14, 1:00-3:00
Lewis 129

Syllabus: pdf

Final project handout: pdf
Final project grading rubric: pdf


4/26/14: The textbook for this class will be "Topics in Mathematical Modeling" by K.K. Tung. It is recommended, but not required to pass the course. It should be available at the campus bookstore at the beginning of the quarter (among other places.) Publisher page

6/23/14: Directions for Matlab access on campus and virtually are here. Previous problems from the Mathematical Contest in Modeling are here; problems "A" are related to continuous modeling.

6/27/14: Lecture notes by J.N. Kutz on systems of differential equations are here, chapters 6 & 7. The supplementary file "ode45sample.m" of HW1 has been updated around 6/26 at 4PM-- please make sure you have the latest version. Office hours are moved next week due to the holiday; see above.

7/11/14: Code from today's heating/cooling of buildings example here: heatingcooling.m

7/25/14: Link to pplane software

7/28/14: Code from today's Discrete Logistic Population Model: cobweb.m and discretelogistic.m

7/30/14: No lecture Mon, Aug 4 or Wed, Aug 6. Come only during your 5-minute appointment, during which time you will turn in your abstract and 2 sources and we will discuss your final project. An email will be sent with the final appointment schedule for those two days. Lecture notes on LP optimization are here: pdf. Also, check the final project pdf document above, some changes have been made. Namely the progress report has been eliminated, so we just have the abstract & two sources followed by the final submission a few weeks later.

8/08/14: HW7 will be a short homework (worth half as much as the others) and will be posted over the weekend.

8/15/14: Code from Lanchester Model of the Battle of Iwo Jima here: iwojima.m. No lecture on Monday 8/18/14; email me if you have last minute questions on the final project.

8/20/14: There will be no office hours tomorrow and no class on Friday. Graded final projects will be available from Jakob at the beginning of fall quarter. Check here for details in a few weeks. Thanks for your hard work this quarter.

10/01/14: Please email me to arrange a time if you want to pick up your graded final project from me.

Assignments Supplementary Files Due Solutions
HW 0: pdf, tex Not collected Soln 0: pdf
HW 1: pdf, tex ode45sample.m
Wed 7/02/14 Soln 1: pdf
Matlab code: 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d
HW 2: pdf, tex Fri 7/11/14 Soln 2: pdf
Matlab code: 3, 4b
Quiz 1: pdf
HW 3: pdf, tex hw3q4data.mat Fri 7/18/14 Soln 3: pdf
Matlab code: 1b, 2a, 4
Quiz 2: pdf
HW 4: pdf, tex Fri 7/25/14 Soln 4: pdf
Matlab code: 2c
Quiz 3: pdf
HW 5: pdf, tex Fri 8/08/14 Soln 5: pdf
HW 6: pdf, tex Fri 8/08/14 Soln 6: pdf
HW 7: pdf, tex Fri 8/15/14 Soln 7: pdf
Quiz 4: pdf