Introduction to Differential Equations and Applications

University of Washington, Seattle
Spring 2013
MWF 10:30-11:20, MUE 153

Jakob Kotas
jkotas "at"

Office hours:
Th 10:30-12:30
Lewis 129

Extra pre-exam office hours:
Su 4/28/13, 8:00-10:00PM
Lewis 115

Extra pre-final office hours:
Fr 6/07/13, 1:00-3:00
Lewis 129
Lauren Chase
lchaser "at"

Office hours:
W 12:00-1:00, Th 3:00-4:00
Lewis 129

Extra pre-exam office hours:
Fr 4/26/13, 2:30-4:30
Lewis 129

Extra pre-final office hours:
Su 6/09/13, 6:00-8:00PM
Lewis 129

Syllabus: pdf


6/12/13: Grades have been submitted and the final exam solution is up. Lauren will be around in Lewis 212 on Thu 6/13 from around 10:00-12:00 if you want to collect items that haven't been picked up. Thank you for your hard work this quarter!

6/07/13: Directions page of the final exam

6/03/13: The final exam is Monday 6/10, 8:30-10:20AM, MUE 153. We will have an in-class review session Fri 6/07. Lauren and I have extra office hours listed above.

5/30/13: Hint for HW8#4c: eigenvalues for all equilibrium points should be real and distinct.

5/24/13: HW8, our last homework, will be assigned in the next few days and will be due Fri 6/07. It will be about 50% longer and worth about 50% more than a normal homework, since you have a week and half to work on it. We will not meet Monday due to the holiday.

5/23/13: HW7 deadline extended to 4PM Friday 5/24. You can still submit it in class. Or if you want a few more hours to finish up you can turn it in to my mailbox in Lewis 202A.

5/20/13: Some information on parametric equations from J. Stewart, "Calculus: Early Transcendentals" 7th Ed.

5/10/13: A student pointed out this nicer-looking Laplace Transform table. Your choice!

5/08/13: A possibly helpful review of how to solve IVPs using the Laplace Transform

5/03/13: A message about the results of the midterm exam

5/02/13: Table of common Laplace transforms from Boyce & DiPrima

5/02/13: Links to a few cool plots of Gamma functions, related to HW5#5: Here is the plot of Gamma(x) for real x, and here is a plot of the absolute value of Gamma(z) if z is allowed to be a complex number.

4/29/13: Jakob and Lauren's office hours are canceled this week (5/01 and 5/02) as we will be grading the exam. The next homework is due 5/10.

4/28/13: The door of Lewis Hall closest to the tennis courts should be open around 8 for those of you coming to my office hours tonight.

4/25/13: Read the directions page for the midterm before Monday and save 2 precious minutes!

4/25/13: Somewhat cool-looking graph of Legendre polynomials from HW4#5c here: link.

4/23/13: Lauren and Jakob will hold extra last-minute office hours before the exam. Dates and times are above. For Jakob's hours, check this page Sunday for directions on getting into the building, which will be locked.

4/19/13: A change was made to HW4 #5 around 6PM on Fri 4/19. If you downloaded HW4 before that time, please delete the old version.

4/19/13: The midterm will be Mon 4/29 in class. We will have a review session Fri 4/26 in class. Exam will cover material from HWs 1-4, including lectures through Wed 4/24. See syllabus above for details on exam policies.

4/10/13: HW1 has been graded. Please check the gradebook (link above) to make sure you can view your grades. If you didn't get your homework back in lecture, you can get it during Jakob's office hours. Any questions about homework grading should go to Lauren.

3/31/13: HW1 is assigned. You can start #1 and 2 before the first lecture.

3/03/13: The textbook for this class will be "Elementary Differential Equations" by Boyce & DiPrima. The 9th edition will be available in the campus bookstore before the start of the quarter. Earlier editions may be found cheaper elsewhere. Any somewhat recent edition (~7th or later) is acceptable.

Assignments Due Solutions
Assignment 1 Fri 4/05/13 Solution 1
Assignment 2 Fri 4/12/13 Solution 2
Assignment 3 Fri 4/19/13 Solution 3
Assignment 4 Fri 4/26/13 Solution 4
Midterm Exam Midterm Solution
Assignment 5 Fri 5/10/13 Solution 5
Assignment 6 Fri 5/17/13 Solution 6
Assignment 7 Fri 5/24/13 Solution 7
Assignment 8 Fri 6/07/13 Solution 8
Final Exam Final Solution