Jakob Kotas

PhD candidate
Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Washington

Office: Lewis 214
Email: jkotas "at" uw.edu

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CV: pdf, tex

Current Teaching:
AMATH351, Spring 2016

Past Teaching:
AMATH351, Summer 2015
AMATH353, Spring 2015
AMATH351, Autumn 2014
AMATH383, Summer 2014
AMATH383, Winter 2014
AMATH351, Spring 2013

Robust response-guided dosing (S.Sinha, J.Kotas, A.Ghate, 2015)
Optimal Bayesian learning of dose-response parameters from a cohort (J.Kotas, A.Ghate, 2015)
Response-guided dosing for rheumatoid arthritis (J.Kotas, A.Ghate, 2014)

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