Student Name: Jiaqi Yin Jiaqi Yin
Advisor: Thomas S. Richardson
Degree Program: PhD, Biostatistics
Campus Address: Box 357232, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-7232
Email Address: jiaqiyin@uw.edu
CV/Resume: CV/Resume (pdf)

I am originally from Xi'an, one of the oldest cities in China---more than 2000 years old. I completed my undergraduate studies in 2015 at Zhiyuan College, Shanghai Jiaotong University, with a bachelor’s degree in Math and Applied Math. I am now a third-year PhD student in the Department of Biostatistics, where I work as a Research Assistant with Dr. Thomas S. Richardson on causal inference and random networks.

My research mainly focuses on causal inference, graphical models, and random networks. Moreover, I have broad interests including time series and machine learning and have worked on several different projects related to time series, Bayesian analysis, machine learning, clinical trials, and data analysis. I would love to discuss science and research with people, and also look forward with potential collaborations.

During my free time, I enjoy experiencing visual art in different mediums, practicing photography(Portfolio), and watching movies (not a big fun of superheroes).