Portrait of Josef EckertHi, I’m Joe Eckert, a doctoral student of geography at the University of Washington.  I’m also a researcher, instructor, computer consultant, web developer and generally all-around nice guy.

I’m interested in geographies of technology — how technology serves to create and maintain space, how society shapes space through interaction with technology, and how that technology’s relationship to space in turn shapes society.  My research focuses on the production of volunteered geographic information and how certain types of information come to be sought by volunteers participating in open data ventures.  I’m also interested in how individual conceptualizations of place help inform those gathering data.  This tends to include legal geographies of free and open source software, as well as a broader political-economic framework that guides my work.

You can get in contact with me by e-mailing jeckert1 -at- UW -dot- edu.
Or follow me on Twitter:@joeeckert