UW Psych Experiment

The Collective is proud to be at the University of Washington, a place that provides students and faculty the opportunity to explore innovative ideas that push boundaries. We'd like to take a moment to shine a light on some of our school's inspiring work. Take a look at this found footage of a UW Psychology Experiment on the effects of phone deprivation.


Our next improv show is next Friday, February 5th at 9pm in the Ethnic Cultural Theater.

$3 for one person, $5 for two.

We have been thrilled to be selling out at our last few shows, but this does mean coming early to ensure seating. Suggested time is 8:30pm. We will no longer be passing out 'free show' vouchers to those who are turned away.

Thanks for coming!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to our show this past Friday! We've been so grateful and excited to be selling out lately, even though this does mean making sure to get there early in order to get seats!

Harry Potter Stars in a Podcast*

Feminist Paul Curry and Resident Bad Boy Adeline Mae Wolfe join Barrett and Olivia on this week's episode of The Collective Podcast. (*Neither Harry Potter, nor Daniel Radcliffe makes an appearance)

Sketch is Live!

If you missed our Fall 2015 "Nightmare Before Christmas Sketch Show," or saw it and want to relive the glory, we have good news! It's up on our YouTube channel, here.