Dawg Daze for Days

We're ready to kick off our year with a jam packed Dawg Daze week. We'll be performing at the HUB Crawl Monday, Sept 26, chatting at the Student Activities Fair on Wednesday, Sept 28 and Thursday, Sept 29, and performing our own annual Free Dawg Daze Show in the Ethnic Cultural Theater (right behind Alder Hall) on Friday, Sept 30. That's four out of five days of the week you can see us! That's insane! We're insane! Anyway, follow our Facebook page for our event information. See you soon.

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Great Scott! A free summer show?

Whether you're an Early Fall Start husky, old husky enjoying summer, new visiting husky, or vicarious husky, if you're looking for some summer entertainment, look no further.

Join The Collective in the Ethnic Cultural Theatre (right behind Alder Hall) on Friday, September 2 for a night of improv comedy.

Follow us on our Facebook for events and other updates. Keep a look out for our free Dawg Daze Show, our auditions, and shows almost every Friday at 9pm once the regular academic year starts!

The End is Near

It's that time of year. It's that bittersweet time of nostalgia, saying hello to the sweet, sweet freedom of summer, goodbyes, and lasts. On the sweet side, we have a slew of end of the quarter shows for you to enjoy.

Last Regular Improv Show: Friday, May 27 @ 9pm in the Ethnic Cultural Theater ($3 for 1, $5 for 2)
Last Musical Improv Show: The last ever improv show for our graduating seniors Olivia and Andrew - Friday, June 3 @ 9pm in the Ethnic Cultural Theater ($3 for 1, $5 for 2)
Last [& First Ever Musical Parody] Sketch Show: Saturday, June 4 @ 9pm in the Ethnic Cultural Theater ($5 Per Person)

Come to all! See you there! See our Facebook Page for more details regarding these events!

Who is She?

Watch our new video Mary's Big Project!

We Fitt

Check out our latest video!

RIP footage of Ben eating ketchup straight out of the bottle.

Camp Kesem Show!

We'll be performing this Wednesday, April 27 at 6pm in the Ethnic Cultural Theater with Jet City at Camp Kesem at UW's Improv Night! Check it out and RSVP on their Facebook event. Doors open at 5:30pm.

Tickets are $10 and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Camp Kesem UW to provide a free summer camp for children whose parents are affected by cancer. Plus, the $10 includes an automatic entry for one raffle ticket for a chance to win a Nintendo Wii. Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase for $1 at the venue.

Call for New Technical Lighting Improviser!

Calling for a new technical lighting improviser beginning Autumn 2016!

Like making stuff up, but don't want to be on stage? This may be for you!

Experience in tech and/or improv is welcome, but not necessary. If you're interested, please fill out this survey and we'll contact you about scheduling an interview! Survey will close May 8 at 11:59 pm. If you have questions, please message us on Facebook!


Wild Poodles

Co-hosts Olivia and Barrett fill you in on the improv shenanigans we've been up to while we were away, and welcome Saige and Addie to the show!

Heavens Me!

This Earth Day, Friday April 22, get in your rocket ship and come to the Ethnic Cultural Theater at 9pm for our improv show! $3 for 1 person, $5 for 2 people. Please arrive early for seating.