Don your hats, party people!

We'll be having a party of a show in the Ethnic Cultural Theater this Friday, October 9, at 9pm. $3 for 1 person or $5 for 2.
REPEAT, 9PM. We have MADE UP OUR MINDS and the time is NINE PM.


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Make sure you get there nice and early if you want a seat! The place sure filled up fast on Oct 2nd.

Oh that's interesting.

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Auditions Ahoy!

Join us for auditions on October 13th or 14th at 7pm (please only come to one night) in Hutchinson Hall, Room 303.

No experience necessary. Just bring yourself!

Callbacks are Friday, October 16th at 7pm in Hutchinson Hall, Room 303.


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It's that time of the year already?! I'm super excited to see what talent UW's BEST imprové troupé can bring in this time!

Welcome to the Collective Podcast! Season 2

The Collective Podcast is entering its second year, and although it's gone through some Season 2 rebranding (they tell me it appeals to the younger generation) it's still the same hilarious improv you've come to expect.

In this premier episode, Barrett Vandiver and Olivia Sommers sit down in Collective HQ to discuss the upcoming year in podcasting. Despite this relatively easy task, tomfoolery occurs.


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Olivia and I are very excited to make a funny funny for you peeple. plz respond

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Very fun times! I could practically see your gestures!

Free Dawg Daze Improv Show!

The Collective is back in action!

Come kick off the year laughing with us at our FREE Dawg Daze Improv Comedy Show. Join us Friday, October 2nd at 9pm in the Ethnic Cultural Theater (directly south of Alder Hall & across from the Ethnic Cultural Center)

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I'm super excited for this show! I'm usually super happy paying money for it, but now its free?! Wow!!!! Any freshman who doesn't show up is missing out