Clue Improv

The Collective in the ECT with the weapon of improv! Sound familiar? If not, you better get a CLUE!! (Eh? Eh?! Get it now?) So grab your favorite murder mystery board game and come on down the Ethnic Cultural Theater on THURSDAY at 10PM!!! We're switching up the days and times to be mysterious... So be there THURSDAY AT TEN!!!
$3 per person, or $5 for 2.
Please arrive early for seating.

S3 E9: Fleshy Balloon Shell

Take a study break with the new podcast episode!! Barrett, AJ, Paul, and Ben sit down to play games like What Are You Doing, Change, and a couple Open Scenes! Click play to learn about robot love, a new bone discovery, and how the Scooby Doo gang became criminals. Oh and definitely click play if you want to make fun of AJ and Barrett's Shaggy and Scooby impressions because they are top-notch...

Best Friend Improv

This Friday, March 10th, grab your BFF and come on down to the Ethnic Cultural Theater for our LAST SHOW OF THE QUARTER! We may or may not give friendship bracelets to audience members (probably not though), so don't miss out!

$3 for 1 person or $5 for 2
Please arrive early for seating.

S3 E8: Union of the Flesh ft. Special Guest from Dead Parrots Society

BOOM! New podpod episode featuring Barrett, AJ, Collective co-director Paul Curry, and super special guest Alexander LaVallee from Western Washington University's improv troupe, Dead Parrots Society! Click play to hear us discuss the differences between our improv troupes, as well as bathroom etiquette, a new version of poker, and a company called Metal in Rear.

Turkey Sandwich Improv

Looking for something to do this Friday at 9pm? Join the (turkey) club! Come see our improv show at the Ethnic Cultural Theater because we've got all the ingredients for a good time! Lettuce make you laugh with even more dumb puns!

$3 for 1 person or $5 for 2
Please arrive early for seating.

Winter Sketch Show: The Big Spoof

Ever wonder what a parody of Alexander Hamilton, Full(er) House, and Black Mirror would look like? Come find out at our quarterly sketch show featuring original content written, directed, and performed by The Collective.
9pm at the Ethnic Cultural Theater.
Tickets are $5 PER PERSON.

Please arrive early for seating.

S3 E7: Tomato Tomato!

Do you hear that? It sounds like bad puns, friendship, and laughter...It must be a NEW COLLECTIVE PODCAST EPISODE! Cool kids Barrett and AJ partner up with Collective co-director Addie and Sketch co-director Saige to play games like Doo Doo Run Run, Irish Drinking Song, Serious Scene, and an open scene. Click play to hear them sing about a monster, discuss clown issues, and eat worms for friendship.

Wild West Improv

Lasso all your friends together and walk your cowboy boots on down to the Ethnic Cultural Theater on Friday, February 24th at 9pm to see an improv show full of cacti, ghost towns, and (of course) fringe!

$3 for 1 person or $5 for 2
Please arrive early for seating.

Running Man

A man is running. Why?
He doesn't make it easy for us to guess.

Expert Town

Collective Performers are experts on all kinds of things. Learn a thing or two from them.