Podcast S3 E4: The Watchmaker and His Wife

Newb ladies Grace and Naomi make their podcast debut in this week's episode, hosted by Barrett and AJ. Tune in to learn about how to end up in Whole Foods jail and hear the classic, inspiring tale of The Watchmaker and His Wife.

Combo Plate Improv

Make sure to come on down to the Ethnic Cultural Theater on Friday, January 13th, at 9pm because we're serving up a combo plate of improv and laughter, with a side of a good time! ThatwaslameI'msorrywe'llbefunnieronFridayIswear.

$3 for 1 person or $5 for 2
Please arrive early for seating.

Snugs Improv

WELCOME BACK, EVERYBODY! We missed you all soooo much so we're kicking off Winter Quarter with some snugs and laughs on Friday, January 6th, at 9pm in the Ethnic Cultural Theater!

$3 for 1 person or $5 for 2
Please arrive early for seating.

Podcast S3 E3: Newvada

Besties AJ and Barrett have a new podcast episode, featuring Robin Hunt and Paul Curry! Find out what we did with Kurt Cobain and how to get a second shot at the Olympics.

Fall Quarter Sketch Show

We know finals are stressful, so take a study break with us!
Our Fall Quarter Sketch show is on Saturday, December 10th at 9pm in the Ethnic Cultural Theater. Our quarterly sketch shows feature original content written, directed, and performed by The Collective.
Tickets are $5 PER PERSON.

Please arrive early for seating.

Holiday Improv

T'is the season! Close out the quarter with The Collective at our Holiday Improv Show! As a holiday present, we are excited to perform a special long form for you, where we will make up an hour-long cohesive mono-scene on the spot!
$3 for 1 person, $5 for 2
Please arrive early for seating.

Also, don't miss our Sketch Show the next day, Saturday, December 10th at 9pm in the Ethnic Cultural Theater for $5 each.

Podcast S3 E2: Turtle Friends

Your hosts, Barrett and AJ, sit down with Collective celebs, Aaron Winey and Tressa Thomas, to spit some sick rhymes and play some improv games! Beatboxing, turtle collections, and breaking up with airplanes - this episode has it all!

Neighborly Improv

Hey there, neighbor! It's going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood on Friday, November 18th because we have a show at the Ethnic Cultural Theater at 9pm! So, be there! Maybe we'll even lend you some sugar.

$3 for 1 person, $5 for 2
Please arrive early for seating

Come Improvise with Us...Again!

Our second Open Workshop is coming up! Missed the first one? No problem! Join us in Hutchinson Hall on Saturday, November 12th from 3-5pm to learn how we practice short form games that you might have seen in shows! No experience necessary! FREE! UW undergrads and grads welcome.

The third and final workshop in our Fall Workshop Series will be on November 19th, where we'll cover how improv skills might help you out in other contexts and daily life. Don't miss out!

Spooktober Podcast Episode

Your hosts, AJ and Barrett, are joined by Alex and Ben to play spooky-themed improv games in the first full-length episode of Season 3! Tune in to test your scare threshold... *dun dun dunnnnn*