IFSA Officers

2015-2016 IFSA Officers

President: Rachel Yonemuraryon

University of Washington Class of 2017

Rachel is a second year student at UW studying Environmental Science and Biology.  Her love for running, hiking and kayaking has inspired her to pursue an education with the intent of preserving the natural world.  As President of the UW IFSA chapter she works on leading our growing organization through providing direction and structure to our officers and members.



First Past President: Miku Lenentine

PhD StudentMiku – Environmental social psychology; inter-behavioral subjectivity

Email: miku2@u.washington.edu

Miku is working to assess the social impacts of biofuels in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, her research considers the social discourse surrounding the “biofuels conversation” through a computer assisted content analysis of online news articles, blogs,  websites and social media. Miku is also applying Q-methodology to examine values, attitudes and perceptions of different stakeholders.

In 2010, Miku completed a Masters of Resource Management from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Her master’s research focused on developing a participatory strategy for community-based natural resource management in Packwood, Washington. Miku enjoys yoga, hiking and composing her own piano music.

Treasurer: Lars Olson013
University of Washington Class of 2017
“Hi, I’m Lars! I’m a first year transfer student here at UW from Vancouver, WA who is double majoring in Environmental Science and Biology. I was really excited to join IFSA because it helped me find a more inclusive community on campus and get involved quickly. I love biking, hiking, and occasionally playing video games, but more than anything I love to get to know new forestry students!”

VP Fundraising: Uyen Pham Cam Tran
University of Washington, Class of 2018DSC00719
Uyen is currently a junior double majoring in Finance and Environmental Studies. Her career goal is to establish and organize a sustainable supply chain of organic food for
residents of countries in which soil and water pollution still persists–especially her home country, Viet Nam. To her, IFSA is a great place to meet and learn from other multi-disciplined student. She is thrilled to help UW IFSA grow by connecting our local committee to local businesses. Uyen enjoys travelling, studying behavioral psychology, and volunteering.

VP Membership: Cleo Woodcock
University of Washington, Class of 2017
Cleo is a senior majoring in ESRM and Spanish and minoring in ESS. Her interests include social aspects of natural resources, environmental policy and hydrology. Other than that, she loves to travel to Spanish-speaking countries and spend time in the outdoors in Washington with the Geology Club. As VP Membership, Cleo enthusiastically leads the members in our LC to a journey of growth, professional development, connection, and fun!

VP Education: Natalie Gray 
University of Washington, Class of 2016
Natalie Gray, Education Officer for IFSA at UW, is passionate about connecting students to the resources they need to craft beneficial environmental impact. To her, that is why IFSA is so important: not only as a base to share culture and perspectives (and lots o’ fun), but also to prepare the world’s next generation of leaders to tackle pressing issues of equity, environmental conservation, and human wellbeing. She will graduate Spring 2016 with a BSc in Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management, and is thrilled to be on the team that gets to travel and learn from the world first-hand. Go IFSA!

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