General Meeting, 5:30 PM, April 22nd (Earth DAY!) and sharing S’Mores. We will be sharing S’Mores and talking about new officer positions and plans for the 2016-17 year. Held in Anderson 207 – Forest Club Room.

Kombit Movie Premiere, 4-5 PM, April 22: “KOMBIT: The Cooperative,” a feature documentary film chronicling a five-year project to reforest Haiti, in partnership with the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA), a Haitian nonprofit farmer cooperative dedicated to feeding and reforesting the country. Haiti’s internally displaced people start a micro-garden movement to combat post-earthquake hunger and despair. Held in Anderson 227.

Resume Workshop, 4-6 PM, April 20: Learn how to draft resumes and cover letters. Discussions on best writing practices, current employer hiring practices, and the interview process to be included. Held in Anderson 22.

Alumni Networking, 5-7 PM, April 19: Alumni of the UW will address students on the challenges and success of finding gratifying work. Students will be given the ability to talk independently with Alumni to make connections and network for their future entry into the job market. Alcohol will be served. Held in Anderson 207.

Publication Workshop, 3-5 PM, April 18: With Professors Rob Harrison and Professor Marcia Ciol. Panel will talk about the publishing process and professors will share challenges gleaned from their cumulative years of boarding publishing councils and publishing. Their individual proficiency’s in Chinese and Portuguese also offer specific insight into the challenges of publishing for ESL students. Held in Anderson 207.


Canadian-American Regional Meeting, Feb 9-12, Quebec, Canada: All IFSA members are invited to apply to attend CARM, the regional meeting for the Northern America region being held in Quebec, Canada! This meeting will bring together students from across the region to share knowledge and experiences. See the application for more details.