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        Casey Z. Hsu

        Undergraduate Student         

Department of Chemical Engineering

       University of Washington                                             Prof. Berg Research Group

Casey Z. Hsu
Undergraduate Student
Colloids and Interface Science group

       Dept. of Chemical Engineering
University of Washington
Box 351750, Seattle

WA 98195-1750

Phone # 360-420-4919





Chemical Engineering

University of Washington, USA



Industrial & Research Experience


Research Assistant

University of Washington, Seattle, US



Process Engineer Intern

Brinderson, Anacortes, Washington, US

      Summer 2013


Current Research Interest

     My undergraduate research falls under the general field of colloids and interface science, with an emphasis on interfacial tensions systems. Specifically, I am studying Marangoni convection and Gibbs Elasticity.



 University of Washington

UW Chemical Engineering

Prof. Berg Research Group





Last Update:  January 13, 2014