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About Us


The High Performance Computing Club facilitates access to and training for UW’s shared super computing cluster, Hyak. Various groups and individuals purchase allocations on Hyak that are be deployed and operated by UW-IT. The Student Technology Fee funded the purchase of a new allocation of nodes that are available to all undergraduate and graduate students. The HPC Club provides access to these nodes and training students to use the effectively and responsibly. If you would like to sign up for our mailing list, please register through this link.


Please remember to acknowledge Hyak and STF! Our STF funding is heavily reliant upon student research. More research products means more STF support. When citing Hyak, please use the following language: “This work was facilitated though the use of advanced computational, storage, and networking infrastructure provided by the Hyak supercomputer system and funded by the STF at the University of Washington.” When you cite Hyak, please let us know! Send the citation or presentation information to hpcc-officers@u.washington.edu.

Officers (2017-2018)

PresidentWill Kearns, Ph.D Student Biomedical and Health Informatics

Vice PresidentShushan He, Ph.C Chemistry

Research Coordinator – Chris Fu, Ph.D Student Chemical Engineering

Undergraduate Liason – Felix Leeb, Junior Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science

Outreach Coordinator – Aakash Sur, Ph.D student Biomedical and Health Informatics

Teaching Coordinator – Moke Mao, Ph.D student Material Science & Engineering

Faculty SponsorXiaosong Li, Professor, Chemistry

Officers (2016-2017)

President – Adam Richie-Halford, Ph.D candidate Physics

Vice President – Shushan He, Ph.C Chemistry

Research CoordinatorWill Kearns, NLM Trainee in Biomedical and Health Informatics Ph.D Program

Undergraduate Liason – Tali Magidson, Undergraduate in Computer Science & Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences

Outreach Coordinator – Kurt Sansom, Ph.D student Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Coordinator – Xinsheng Qin, Ph.D. Student at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Master Student at Department of Applied Mathematics

Officers (2015-2016)

President – Kayla Sprenger, Ph.D candidate Chemical Engineering

Vice President – Patrick Lestrange, Ph.D candidate Chemistry

Hyak Usage Manager – Adam Richie-Halford, Ph.D candidate Physics

Webmaster – Rebecca Harris, Ph.D candidate Biology

Training & Outreach Coordinator – Danny Sale, Ph.D candidate Mechanical Engineering

Faculty SponsorJim Pfaendtner, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

The Club Constitution: