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We are a community of students at the University of Washington who love to game! We are computer gamers, console gamers, and card and board gamers! We provide a way for people who want to play games together to do so.

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We hold lots of events through out the year, and are always trying to think of new and fun ways to include and expand the gaming community. Check out our events page to see whats going on!

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Our main community is run through our Facebook Group, but we also have an number of ways to connect with other gamers on campus.

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Stealth Game Night 5/12/2017

Greetings everyone, we hope you had a great time at our general game night last night and the Husky Con on Monday. Our event this Friday is gonna be a themed event. We’ll be showcasing the best stealth games that our secret cache has to offer along with all of our regular games. Our stealth game night is gonna be on May 12th at 6:00pm to 11:00pm in the Maple Great Hall. We hope to see you all there!

General Game Night on 5/5/2017

Hey everyone, we hope you had a great time at our event last week. I apologize for not posting for the previous couple events. There was a bit of a conflict that prevented me from typing up new posts. Our next event this Friday is a general game night at 6:00pm to 11:00pm in Maple Room 216/217. Come join us for a great time and some good laughs!

Also this Monday on May 1, we have a booth at HuskyCon (a gaming convention run by the University of Washington) where we’ll have a gaming setup for you guys to play on. Visit the Facebook page for more information.


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HGN Spring Omegathon

May 26, 2017, 6:00pm

This is it everyone. The last event of the quarter. The last event of the year. That’s right. It’s… Omegathon! Join HGN for the last time before finals and participate in our quarterly tournament for the chance to win a $20 Steam gift card. This quarter, we are going back to the same set up from fall quarter: games will either be individual and score/time based, or a four person match in a round robin style tournament. The top gamers will go on to compete in a classic style tournament, with the top four in the end competing in a traditional final Omegathon style game. For those who haven’t been to an Omegathon: it’s going to be weird. There is no entry fee, but sign ups will close at 7:00, so please arrive before then to sign up. If you might be a few minutes late, you can message one of your friends/ one of the officers and we can sign you up. However, if your group is called and you’re not there, you miss that game and go in with a loss. If tournaments don’t suit your fancy, then we will have Smash 4 up on a side projector, our collection of board games, and some of the first round Omegathon games setup for free play. The event is in the Maple Great Hall and runs from 6:00-11:00 pm (or whenever the tournament ends), and remember, sign ups end at 7:00.

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Hey HGN!

The VMC/Riot Games Player Support (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) office in Redmond is looking to hire some folks for all disciplines here on an entry level.
This includes:
Player Behavior/Game
Account Recovery
The ideal candidate should be someone who is not only a team player but is ambitious, humble, and would make a good cultural fit with the team we currently have.
The job itself is both challenging and rewarding, expanding your perspective on the player experience as you will work directly as the front facing agents for players.

I highly encourage you all to apply if you enjoy a workplace where you are able to express your passion for games as well as enjoy a constantly challenging workflow.

For additional details about the positions as well as where to apply please PM me.
This is the last major hiring wave we will be doing for sometime so if you're interested I would highly encourage you try for it.

Do note that application are due by the 29th of May with a start date of June 5th.
That being said sooner is better than later.
Any questions or comments are welcome in this thread as well.
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HGN General Game night

May 19, 2017, 6:00pm

This week, the officers are working hard in preparation for the final event of the year, so it’s just another general game night. As the last round of midterms and exams come around, a night to play games is just what people need. We’ll have our usual games on the Steam PCs and Smash set up, and by popular demand, the system linked Xbox’s will be back for 8-player Halo games! If those don’t get your glands salivating, then we’ll have our assortment of board games ready, and I’m sure Colby will have a couple of MTG decks ready for people to play commander, or feel free to bring your own. The event will be in Maple 216/217 from 6-11. Hope to see you there.

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Helping raise money for Relay for Life. Laps in Mario Kart count as laps on the field, right? ... See MoreSee Less

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Hey everyone! This Saturday we will be partnering with Relay for Life and *running* 😉 a Mario Kart tournament down at husky stadium from 3pm to about 7. This year they've also been sponsored by Best Buy so the winner will be walking away with a Surface Pro 3! There is a $5 buy in but all proceeds go to cancer research 🙂

UW Relay For Life Mario Kart Tournament
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UW Relay For Life Mario Kart Tournament

May 13, 2017, 3:00pm - May 13, 2017, 8:00pm

Are you ready to race against cancer with us? Join us at Husky Stadium for the greatest tournament of your life. This is a Mario Kart Wii Tournament for the UW Relay for Life Event at Husky Stadium. This tournament will be run by Husky Gamer Nation, a UW student organization for gaming enthusiasts. All proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Foundation Register at: tinyurl.com/UWRelayMarioKart2017 Registration Donation: $5 minimum Please register online beforehand or before the event starts at 3pm. If you register online, you can pay your donation at the venue. Tournament Information: Double Elimination with each round being a Grand Prix, Top two scores of Grand Prix Cup advance First Round: Mushroom Cup Second Round: Flower Cup Third Round: Star Cup Fourth Round: Special Cup Fifth Round: Shell Cup Sixth Round: Banana Cup Seventh Round: Leaf Cup Eighth Round: Lightning Cup Prizes 1st Place: Surface Pro 3 2nd Place: Best Buy Gift Card

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