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Throughout the year we meet every Thursday night at 6:00 at the Chapel on the Ave (4130 University Way NE) for food and fellowship.  Come join us!

Spring 2015

Spring Quarter Small Groups: Pray Without Ceasing!

prayers from uwI’ll pray for you” is often Christian lingo for a lot of things that don’t actually mean “I’ll pray for you.”

We say “I’ll pray for you” and leave out “when I remember, and I probably won’t.” Or “I’ll pray for you” and it’s our cue that we want the conversation to end. Or “I’ll pray for you” because we want it known that we have our stuff together more than everyone else.

But you know how you feel when you meet that person who says “I’ll pray for you” and they really mean it? It’s like you’ve just met a person who actually cares about you, loves you even. You feel a little lighter because someone is willing to carry your cares along with you to the One who cares the most. In a lot of ways, when we meet these people, we feel a little like we’ve met Jesus in the flesh.

And in a way we have.

Throughout the Bible, we are encouraged to pray. We’re told to pray without ceasing, even.

What if we did?

What if we genuinely prayed for each other?

What if we took time to know what to pray for?

What if we learned anew how to pray?

What if we did this for a whole quarter, in small groups, following dinner together?

Maybe we’d all feel a little more loved and a little more like Jesus is with us because we’d be like Jesus to each other. So this quarter let’s pray.

Join us. Every Thursday. Dinner is at 6. Small groups start at 7. At the Chapel on the AVE. 

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