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Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

GNS, say hello to your officers for the 2008-2009 year!


President: Tyler Mann

—The guy in charge. ‘Nuff said.

Vice-President: Iche Wang

—Second guy in charge. Also, really good at Photoshop and CG stuff. If you like that kinda thing, talk to him!

Secretary: Joy Sung

—Takes meeting minutes and is cool :D

PR Officer: Frank Garcia

—Guy who deals with inter-group happenings. For example, he’s our liason to the Daily. He also is in charge of the gnovels email inbox

Webmaster: Joy Kim

—Is currently talking in third person. Maintains the site and GNS blog. Also is really into actually making comics/manga stories, and discussing manga as a form of literature, so if you’re into that, talk to her!


So that’s the little spiel on the officers. Get to know us! Talk to us! We don’t bite :)


Joy K