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Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Here is the tentative Spring Schedule:

April 9 – Read Comics Day + Cool Comics Day (Sarah) – powerpoint
April 16 – Character Drawing, Anatomy & Proportions (Joy)
April 23 – Ulysses Day (Ulysses) – reading
April 30 – Free Manga Paper Day + Share Your Work Day (Sarah)
May 7 – Ron McCain visit (Joe)
May 14 – History of Manga (Matthew) – powerpoint
May 21 – Happy Trees!: Drawing Backgrounds & Using Perspective
and a bunch of other cool stuff (Ulysses)
May 28 – Writing Workshop, Genres (Andrew) – powerpoint
June 4 – Free Write Day + Share Your Work Day (Andrew) Free pizza! 🙂

Hope to see everybody there!

Scroll down to the Spring Announcements post to see meeting locations and other interesting activities we’re planning!

Spring Quarter Announcements

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Hello! Hope everyone has come back from spring break refreshed!

Meetings for spring quarter will be on Fridays at 3:30pm in HUB 304F – for the most part. On April 16 we meet in Suzzallo 328, April 23 in HUB 209B, and May 28 in Suzzallo 328. Please make note of the differing locations!

We have some awesome things planned out for this quarter, including and not limited to:

– A group “field trip” to Uwajimaya, the Daiso, and other parts of Seattle’s International District!

– A presentation by a professional comic book artist!

– New posters and fliers for the club!


Sakura-con is this area’s largest and best anime convention, with over 13,000 attendants from last year.  Find great J-Cool/anime merchandise, visit some great drawing/story related panels, see concerts, find Vic Mignona (oh wait for once he’s not here!), cosplay, and have fun with random but friendly people!

Tickets at the door.  Party on the floor.  And do it some more.

As one individual put it so eloquently: Girugamesh!

Check back here in a few days for the meeting schedule and topics for spring quarter 🙂