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Oct 15 Minutes

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Minutes for October 15th 2008

1. The Daily
3 people have responded thus far with art samples and interest in comicking for the Daily
Frank has contacted The Daily today, awaiting response

2. Website
Joy – Members list “finished” with members who emailed back so far
* please check member list and see if you’re on it if you emailed Joy, her emails all got archived on accident >_>

3.  Danny
Joy’s friend at OSU is a writer and is interested in getting in contact with an artist to work on manga projects.
Contact Joy if you’re interested.

4.  Manga “showing”
– perhaps a book club type thing at scheduled times?
– people can discuss a previously scheduled series/chapter/issue in the book
– if people are ideas for discussion projects or interest in facilitating sessions, speak up!
– Are people interested in participating in something like this as well?

5. Senior Project
Someone wants to learn how to draw manga in order to teach a class how to draw manga for her senior project
Anyone interested in teaching her?

Hope to see you all at the next meeting :)