GNS Pokemon Doujinshi

These short doujinshi stories were haphazardly crafted by GNS members during the Doujinshi presentation on November 14th, 2012. A doujinshi is a self-published comic or other artistic work, which usually uses characters, settings, and other elements from another fictional universe. To produce the content for these short stories, a beach ball was tossed between members. Whoever caught the ball had to add to the story, then toss the ball to another member.  Eventually, each story would end and be read aloud by members in funny voices.

Chapter 1

Ash and Gary are locked in a room. It was a very steamy room and then Professor Oak entered and he asked “Are you a boy or are you a girl…?” And someone said “NO I’M A FOX” and then Starfox entered the room and said “I am Sailor Moon and I am here to solve the mystery as to why all the Pokemon are dead.” And then, Ash used a Phoenix Down on all of them. Except for Aipom, because Aipom is creepy. “Well, since Aipom is dead, Let’s barbeque him,” said Dio.

“But I’m a Vegetarian!” Garry said, climbing into Ash’s lap.

And then Brock entered and said “STOP RIGHT THERE.”

And then it all devolved into frying pan jokes.

And then Brock opened his eyes, and the world exploded.

The end.

Chapter 2

It is the year 20xx. Dear Mom, I’ve been changing my underwear everyday like you said. But I’m running out of underwear because they keep turning brown. Also, my roommate Megaman is like the biggest douchebag ever. Seriously! He’s killing my pokemon and taking their powers! It’s just not the same when it’s not Pikachu thundershocking me… Sadly, I’m all out of phoenix down. And for some reason I’m still 10 years old… who knew Brock had so much power under his eyes!

I’ve been 10 years old for a long time. It’s been a long time to be 10 years old. I don’t know what to do with myself anymore, really. I can’t even drink! I can’t even drink…

Meanwhile, in a hospital in Tokyo. The doctor says to Ash’s mom “I don’t think he’ll ever wake up.”

Then Megaman says “Well, I hope he won’t mind these douchebag pictures on facebook then…”

Well, at this point, a white guy came into the world and said “Do you know about Inception?”


Chapter 3

And then Morgan Freeman came out. Of heaven’s closet. However, Morgan Freeman’s voice was terribly upset at this news, and decided if Morgan was gay, he didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. They were married in new York, and the voice, trying to find a new body to overtake, came upon one Ash Ketchum.

Ash mumbles in his state of coma. “Gotta… catch ‘em all…”

And then a deep mysterious voice says “Everything has a time and place… this is not the time to use that.”

And that is why millions go with Visa.

F*** master card. I’m getting a Visa ball.

Chapter 4

So Finn and Jake set out to find a new home. Uhhhh and then they came to Lady GaGa’s mountain side home. And then Finn and Jake knocked on Lady GaGa’s door and then a woman’s voice called out “WHO IS IT, IS IT PAPARAZZI?”

“This is the only place we can be safe from the katamaris,” said Jake.

“Okay, uhm,” said Lady GaGa, and they were greeted at the door by 50 men dressed as flamingos. It was at this moment, a low rumbling sound could be heard, a ball could be seen in the distance, and the katamari tune could be heard.


What is it?

It’s a dragon ball.

And then Lady GaGa parted the men in flamingos and came to them and said “SHOW ME YOUR POKER FACE AND YOUR BAD ROMANCE AND YOU MAY COME INSIDE.”

And they bad romances are FUUUUUUUUSIOOOONNNNNNNN.

What are happened!?

Someone set us up the bomb, and then they became Sonic the Hedgehog. The newly fused Sonic the Hedgehog said “GOTTA GO FAST” and they went fast to make the katamari stop. Uhhhh oh.

But the katamari was made out of bronies, so after all they decided not to stop it.

Lady GaGa took one look at the katamari and said “I would hit that.”

The katanari brony ball split open and revealed MITT ROMNEY.

Apparently, after Mitt lost the election, he became a leech and decided to take over the world of Ooo. As to why Lady GaGa is still alive, no one knows.

And SUDDENLY FROM THE CLOUDS came OBAMA MAN to punch Mitt Romney in the face and save them all.

And then angels sang out in immaculate chorus, down from the heavens, descended CHUCK NORRIS.

And then Obamaman beat the crap out of Nickelback, and Lemon Demon so the song would not continue. I like how he beat the crap out of Nickelback anyway.

Uhhh I’m not allowed to hold the ball.

And then Romney pointed his finger to the heavens and shouted “OBJECTION!” and grabbed the wave of ponies from the ground and formed a friendship missile that he hurled at Chuck Norris.

OUT OF NOWHERE Mario comes out and beats the friendship missile and beats Chuck Norris by hitting him on the head.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile, in world 1-1, it was up the Player 2 to save the princess. But, as we all know, Luigi is completely incompetent. Peach is doomed and  he found a toad that said “SORRY YOUR PRINCESS IS NOT IN THIS CASTLE try again.”

And then Obama came in to take the place of Luigi.

And suddenly Bowser revealed his true form to be Mitt Romney.

But in the end it all ended up well, because Mario and Obama teamed up to summon Bill Clinton who, with his saxophone solo of awesomeness, banished Mitt Romney to the shadow realm.

And well, as it is said in Ooo, Lady GaGa’s heart grew three sizes that day.

(But hearts can’t grow if they don’t exist).