GNS Anthology

Periodically, we put together an anthology containing art from our members.  Here are some anthologies from the past:

Our Presentations

Comic History and Culture

Western and Eastern Comics download pptx
Roman Renaissance and Superheroes download pptx
A History of Webcomics download pptx
Manga in the US download pptx
Emerald City ComiCon download pptx

Artistic Techniques

Perspective download ppt
Drawing Human Anatomy download pptx
Inking, Screentones, and Comic Panels download pptx
Digital Screentoning download pptx
Contour Game download pptx
Anime Anatomy download pptx
Facial Expressions download pptx

Japanese Tourist Destinations

Akihabara download pptx
Ikebukuro download pptx
Minatomirai download pptx


Former Professional Artist Guests

  • Nate Simpson – published Nonplayer, a comic that is being made into a movie!
  • Plus One Comics – a group that publishes comics about video games.
  • Nils Osmar – an artist, writer, teacher, and filmmaker who produces both digital and traditional comic art.
  • Travis Bundy – a local comic artist who is also the Artistic Director and Submissions Director for Creator’s Edge Press, an independent comic company based in Puyallup, WA.

Comic Groups and Events

See our Events page for local conventions like Sakura-Con and Emerald City ComiCon.

  • Cartoonists Northwest – an association of professional and amateur cartoonists who meet monthly to network, collaborate, and promote community among local artists.


Comic Theory and Tips

Local Comic Stores (Seattle U-district)