Comic Improv

Tonight, we had a Comic Improvisation activity. Each person came up with two nouns, two verbs and two adjectives, then wrote each one on a slip of paper. Then, each person came up and randomly picked two nouns, verbs and adjectives to draw about. People were given a limited amount of time to draw a roughly six-panel comic based on the words they chose.

Afterwards, the members constructed group comics. Each person drew a panel of a comic on a piece of paper, then passed the paper to someone else. Finally, everyone shared their comics with each other, and ate the excellent cookies that Sarah brought from home.

Introducing the Officers

Gerardo, Yuji, Sarah, and Katie laughing it up at the start of the meeting.

Win shows up

Win arrives at last!

Danny Sotelo is bemused

Danny Sotelo (with the Domo shirt) is quite amused by a comic.

Knitting during GNS

Drawing isn’t the only thing our members do during meetings…

Pick up papers

Members choose words to use for their comics.

Papers on table

Lots of words to choose from!

Some drawings on the table

Here are some comics members made!

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