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Presentations by local comic artists!

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Instead of having our regular GNS meetings for the next two weeks, we’re going to have two, that’s right, two presentations by comic artists from the Seattle area! Light refreshments will be served at both presentations!

Plus One Comics, Thursday 5/19, 7PM, SAV 168

Plus One is a webcomic about gaming by Lance Icarus and Dizzy Fox. Read their comic and learn more about them at Note that this presentation will NOT be at the regular time but will be at 7PM!

Nate Simpson, Friday 5/27, 5PM, GOW 201

Nate Simpson has worked on video games since 1993. Former employers include the Dreamers Guild, Taldren, GoPets Inc., and Gas Powered Games. Most recently, he led the art team for Demigod, released in 2009 by Gas Powered Games and Stardock. He is currently taking a year off to learn how to make comics. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Jiyoung. Visit his website at that this presentation will NOT be at the regular time of Thursday but will be on FRIDAY!

We’re planning on securing bigger rooms for these presentations, so please come, spread the word, invite your friends!