Flyer and Banner contests!

Hey all!

Graphic Novel Society wants YOU artists out there to submit art for next quarter’s advertising flyers and for the website banner! This is a great excuse to draw something, and you’ll be able to advertise your artwork to boot!

See below for submission specifications!

You can either submit art you want featured on a flyer, or design a flyer yourself.

If you submit art, please send a highish-resolution (100 pixels/inch or higher) version of it.

If you design your own flyer, the flyer must be 8.5 x 11 inches (fits on a piece of printer paper) at a fairly high resolution (100 pixels/inch or higher). The majority of our flyers will be printed in black/white, but if you do make a color flyer, we will definitely put up a few color versions as well! Lastly, unless you request not to, we will put the your name and year in school on the flyer as well so you can get credit for your work.

See this image for the default flyer we use each quarter. Please use it as a reference to see what sort of information we’d like on the flyer.

If you want to submit a flyer, or art for a flyer, just send it as .jpeg or .jpg attachment to! No deadline, but the time you submit your flyer might affect for which quarter we’ll use it.

The Graphic Novel Society website ( has a rotating title banner (go ahead — refresh the page a few times!) Right now it only rotates between two banners. Can we fix this?!

You can either submit art for a banner (we’ll crop it to make it fit the banner size) or you can send us a 653×195 pixel image. Please do NOT include text — we will add it on for you :) We will also (unless you request not to) put your name and year in school on the banner so you can get credit for your work.

See the banner example to get a sense of what we’re looking for.

Just send your submission as a .jpeg or .jpg attachment to! No deadline for banner submissions :)

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