Upcoming Events

Hey all!  This is Rho, with some exciting announcements for upcoming events.

This weekend we have three interesting conventions, all in the greater Seattle area:

1. SEATTLE TATTOO EXPO  :  @Seattle Center  : Aug 7-9

Come and see dozens of tattoo artists and their art in Seattle Center, along with various hip-hop crews blastin some phat beats.  Vendors are also present, and Kinokuniya (the Uwajimaya bookstore peeps) will be there!  Woot!  Even if you never plan to get a tat, i’m sure the artwork will stun you.

Link: Seattle Tattoo Expo

2.  INNOCENTE SERAPHIM  :  The Bellevue Westin  :  Aug (7),8,9

A small convention with a focus on BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls), Goth Lolita fashion, and tea parties.  They have a concert featuring the Kissing Violets, a small exhibition hall, photo area, and even a bowling event for people in GothLoli/Victorian dresses! (?)  This event does not really seem to cater to my interests, but I may attend for a day just to see what’s up.  (as a side note, the creator of one of my fav animes Ghost in the Shell, Shirow Masamune once said that dolls arent simply mimicking real babies; no, girls grow up and have babies because they subconsciously want to relive life with dolls again !! interesting theory, no?)

link: Innocente Seraphim Site

3. DRAGONFLIGHT  :  Hilton Bellevue  :  Aug 7-9

This is supposedly the best gaming convention in all the Northwest…during this time period.  With 29 Years in the running, this event with over 500 people focuses on tabletop gaming and larping (Rolemodels much?), with some comp gaming.  Looks fun!  Hope they have Settlers of Catan, cuz that’s one of the only tabletop games i know of…T_T

link:  Dragonflight

I have no idea whether I’ll be going to all or none or some or two or three or one of these, but if you manage to find one to go to, gimme a ring, and i’ll come on OVA.  : (425) 577-1073.  I don’t bite, usually.


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