Looking for OFFICERS for Spring Quarter and possibly next year!

As you may know, the current officers are Frank, Tyler, and I. However, Frank and Tyler will be graduating this year — and we were thinking that getting a few officers for Spring quarter in order to prepare for next year might be a good idea. Here are the positions we think would be useful: Art Officer, Writing Officer, ADP Liason, and Special Events/PR…

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* Art Officer

The Art Officer would come up with ideas for meetings (Art days and Art-related Panel days) and either run them, or be the go-to person for members that want to run an Art related workshop or discussion. They would probably work closely with the Writing Officer.

* Writing Officer

The Writing Officer would basically have the same job as the Art Officer, but be in charge of topics and meetings related to writing comic plots.

* ADP Liason

The ADP Liason would have to be very involved with ADP. It’d be through the ADP Liason that our club would stay on track with ADP, and ADP would stay on track with us. They would help work on things like: arranging the possibility of sharing a club room with ADP, helping make possible the sharing of the manga library, working on joint events between ADP and GNS, etc. The ADP Liason’s day-to-day responsibilities, however, would probably be more lax — this is more of a big-project position. They would work closely with the President.

* Special Events/PR

The Special Events officer’s main job would be to think of and help organize special events to happen on campus. Ideas for this would be: a mini-con, a comic book swap event, fundraising events (if we decide we need to fundraise), etc. Other responsibilities would include overseeing the production of quarterly advertising flyers and other advertising materials, and being the guy to go and post those up.

If you are at all interested in any of these positions, please email gnovels@u.washington.edu with which position you may be interested in and why.


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