Rho-Rho-Rho your boat

hello all!  This is Rho (Ulysses), an enthusiastic graphic novel reader whom you have successfully managed to snag due to a nice 8.5×11 flier(sp?) posted in the Physics and Astronomy building.  After talking a bit with Joy and some others from this club (society) at Emerald City Comic-con, I was invited to do some reviews of manga/graphic novels/anime/candy for this site.  I hope you will find some of my stuff entertaining, enlightening, brilliant, amazingly intriguing, humble, repulsive, and a waste of a good 15 minutes.

Now you might be wondering a lot of things about me.  I did too, a while back, in Europe, where people kept staring at me and giggling a bit.  I tried to figure what about me was different; perhaps I had overestimated the progressiveness of Europe and I, in the sight of the beautiful and the chic, proved a cultural eyesore with my odd mannerisms and lame clothes.  Then I looked down and saw that my zipper was wide open.

Anyways, to sum things up, I am a sophomore here at the UW, and I’m crazy about graphic novels – American, Japanese, Korean, French, etc.  My senior project was to steal the entire graphic novel collection from the public library system, and feed myself hours of reading time better spent elsewhere (like sleeping or eating).  My friends and mother tell me that I’m silly, long-winded, prolific, eclectic, and ridiculous, and I think I can bring some of that joy into this happy site.  If you would like to see some of my goods visit here:brokenanime.com , where I wrote such memorabull(sp?) reviews such as “Megatokyo: WTF?!?” and “Update 2″, and here:Rho’s dev-art but not here.

If you all would like for me to review specific things, like new anime episodes straight from J TV, alternative American comics from the underground, webcomics, chapters/volumes of manga, shoot me an email, comment, or love-letter in my shoebox.  I will guarantee I will sincerely review it, and promptly make good fun of it (maybe), because I truly read and appreciate all types of this stuff, and treat it as art.

in his early days (left), current resemblance (right):

It’s amazing how i’ve said so much while saying nothing at all (it’s too bad so many comix end up likewise T_T). My Jfavs: Ghost in the Shell SAC, Byousoku 5 cm, Nausicaä (the manga), Millennium Actress, Spirited Away, Koi Kaze, Samurai Champloo, Samurai X Reflections, Rah-Xephon
My Western favs: Blankets, Goodbye Chunky Rice, Blue Pills, Good as Lily, Maus I & II, Demo, Persepolis I & II, all of Flight, Mail Order Bride, ANYthing from Adrian Tomine

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