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Welcome back to school!

by kinosaurus

Hope everyone had a fabulous summer~

I’m not sure who checks the website for news apart from scheduling, but if so check our Facebook for current news:

We’re short on hands for tabling, so if you’re interested the link is here:

Stay tuned for more information :D

Spring 2014!

by kinosaurus

Here’s the activities this quarter!


April 2 – Free Manga Paper Day and Comic Improv

April 9 – Genre Presentation and Game

April 16 – Sakura-con is coming up! Guide for Surviving Sakura-con by Elaine and Katie

April 23 – Prompt Game (n, adj, v)

April 30 – Single Layer Digital Art Presentation by Yuji

May 7 – Yuji Surprise

May 14 – New Methods of Publishing by Julia

May 21 – Crazy Plotlines

May 28 – Comic Improv

June 4 – End of school parteh


Portfolio Presentation

by kinosaurus

Here’s the powerpoint if you guys want it!

Winter 2014 Schedule!

by kinosaurus

Sorry guys I forgot to post this earlier! These are the meeting topics for this quarter!

Jan 8 - Chill Day, Free Manga paper day

Jan 15 - Comic Improv

Jan 22 - Character Designs(Games, Anime etc.) by Yuji

Jan 29 - Create your own Portfolio Day

Feb 5 – Show and tell of your own portfolio day

Feb 12 - Relationship and Comics, everyone helps

Feb 19 – Comic Improv

Feb 26 - Themes and Comics/All Hail One Piece by Yuji

March 5 – Member Presentation

March 12 – Free manga paper day

Winter 2014 Schedule

by kinosaurus

Welcome back everyone!

This quarter we’ll be meeting at the Mechanical Engineering Building Room 250 at same time of 5:30 on Wednesdays. See you there!

Fall 2013 Schedule!

by kinosaurus

Oct 9 – Comic Improv
Oct 16 – Western vs. Eastern: Differences in Comics
Oct 23 – Anatomy Tutorial / Bodybuilding Exercise
Oct 30 – Creepy Comics / Halloween Costume Party
Nov 6 – Fanfic and Doujinshi / Crazy Plotlines
Nov 13 – Digital Art Presentation
Nov 20 – Color Theory
Nov 27 – Comic Improv
Dec 4 – Free Manga Paper / Show Your Work / Read Comics Day

Fall 2013 Meeting Time

by kinosaurus

We are a student organization of the University of Washington whose purpose is to act as a resource and a meeting group for those interested in creating — writing or drawing — comics. It’s also a place for manga-lovers to just come and hang out!

We meet on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM in SAV 168

See you there!!

GNS Activities: Spring 2013

by boothjm

We meet Wednesdays from 5:30 – 7:00 PM at Dempsey 124.

4/3 – Kickoff Meeting, Pictionary

4/10 – Silent Comic and Dialogue

4/17 – Stylization

4/24 – Outside, frisbee, must yell kamehameha! Crazy plot lines backup.

5/1 – Guest Presentation: Jason Metcalf (DC Comics main artist)

5/8 – Bring up Officer elections

5/15 – Guest Presentation: Mark Monlux (Monlux illustrations)

5/22 – To Be Announced

5/29 - To Be Announced

6/5 – End of the world party, bring cookies

Facial Expressions

by boothjm

Tonight, Sarah Noonan gave a presentation on facial expressions in comics, detailing how comic artists effectively convey emotions, moods, and attitudes through lines, furrows, wrinkles and other features on characters’ faces. Then, club members were given handouts with 25 blank boxes, where each box had an emotion printed beneath it. Each member drew a face in each box corresponding to the emotion under it. Then, members shared their work with each other.








The History of Webcomics

by boothjm

Tonight, Gerardo gave a presentation on the history of webcomics. This brief presentation covered the three main “generations” of webcomics, and offered numerous examples of different kinds of comics. It was based on the presentation Joy Kim gave about two years ago, with some extra additions and commentary. There was no club activity following the presentation, so the club went out to dinner a little earlier instead!

Gerardo intro

Gerardo presenting in a dark room, illuminated only by the light from his laptop!