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PAC 12 Bands 2011
PAC 12 Bands 2011
PAC 12 Bands 2011 by Marina Mulligan See her DeviantArt gallery

WELP. Here's the Pacific Conference 12 marching bands, featuring their most updated uniforms and characterizations as my band, the Husky Marching Band, perceives them. (more or less.) Whew! Overall this was a super fun project! To research, at least. This sucker has about 10-13 hours put in, between the lineart and the colors, and looking for up-to-date uniforms. I will probably never do this again. XD Go Dawgs!


Fall Quarter 2015 Meeting Schedule

by Matt Park

Meetings are to be held on Thursdays, 5:30PM to 7:00 PM, in MEB 235. Please join us on facebook for more up-to-date information.

October 8th: First Meeting – Introduction/Ice Breakers

October 15th: Humor + Art

October 22nd: Humor + Writing

October 29th: Halloween Party – 4-koma Contest w/ Candy Prizes!!

November 5th: Introduction to Self-Published Comics – Create + Publish a VN together.

November 12th: Technical Writing Activity – Writing Characters

November 19th: Technical Art Activity – Drawing Characters

November 26th: Thanksgiving – Outside club activity for students sticking around.

December 3rd: Art Process Presentations – Volunteers wanted.

December 10th: Dead Week – Relax.

Spring Quarter Schedule

by kinosaurus

Thursdays | 5:30PM – 7PM | MEB 242
April 9th – Official First Meeting Icebreakers

April 16th – Storyboard Creation

April 23rd – Shiny Surprize: Intro to Visual Novels

April 30th – World Building & Storytelling

May 7th – Crafting Dialogue

May 14th – Guest Comic Professional Phil Foglio!

May 21st – Guest Professional Artist Enfu!

May 28th – Officer Elections & Plein-air Picnic & Anthology Due!!!

June 4th – Frantic Party & Anthology Handout [Dead Week]

Winter 2015 Schedule

by kinosaurus

Thursdays | 5:30PM – 7PM | Savery 168
January 8th – Icebreakers

January 15th – Comic Improv

January 22rd – Snowflake Method Storybuilding Workshop

January 29th – Crazy Plotlines

February 5th – How to Artist Alley Burrito

February 12th – Valentine’s Day Party, Cards, and Favorite Shoujos

February 19th – Perspective Workshop

February 26th – Magical Gurls and Magical Girl Themed Comic Improv

March 5th – Digital Art Process

March 12th – Show your work day! [Dead Week]

Human Anatomy and Facial Expressions

by kinosaurus


I’m too lazy to upload to a shaddy 3rd party site so here they are from Facebook…hopefully they still work later:

Autumn 2014 Schedule

by kinosaurus

October 9th – Comic Improv & Officer Elections

October 16th – Crazy Plotlines & Contest Announcement

October 23rd – Art Workshop

October 30th – Halloween Party & Top 10 Comics Presentation

November 6th – Writing Workshop: Character Development

November 13th – Art Workshop: Character Creation

November 20th – Keychains & Contest Due

November 27th – No Club for Thanksgiving

December 4th – Show your work day! [Dead Week] & Contest Results

Officer Positions Open!

by kinosaurus

Hi everyone! We’re looking for new officers for the fall quarter. Not only is this a great resume experience, but officers primarily drive the direction of the club. Freshmen are encouraged to apply- there are no requirements but a passion for comics!

Here are the rough descriptions:

Art Officer: Organizes presentations on art principles, comic design, and technical skills (traditional or digital).

Writing Officer: Provides creative writing activities for the club as well as presentation(s) regarding writing tips, styles, genres, etc. On the lookout for comic writing opportunities throughout the Northwest.

Public Relations Officer – Promotes the club throughout the school year. Can do this through posters, updating Facebook, posting on the Website about interesting events and to other clubs.

Contact us at

Thursday 5:30-7:00 Savery 162

by kinosaurus

This year Graphic Novel Society meets every Thursday from 5:30-7:00 at Savery Hall 162

First meeting starts October 2nd! (there is no club tomorrow, the 25th)

Savery is here:!/sav

Welcome back to school!

by kinosaurus

Hope everyone had a fabulous summer~

I’m not sure who checks the website for news apart from scheduling, but if so check our Facebook for current news:

We’re short on hands for tabling, so if you’re interested the link is here:

Stay tuned for more information :D

Spring 2014!

by kinosaurus

Here’s the activities this quarter!


April 2 – Free Manga Paper Day and Comic Improv

April 9 – Genre Presentation and Game

April 16 – Sakura-con is coming up! Guide for Surviving Sakura-con by Elaine and Katie

April 23 – Prompt Game (n, adj, v)

April 30 – Single Layer Digital Art Presentation by Yuji

May 7 – Yuji Surprise

May 14 – New Methods of Publishing by Julia

May 21 – Crazy Plotlines

May 28 – Comic Improv

June 4 – End of school parteh


Portfolio Presentation

by kinosaurus

Here’s the powerpoint if you guys want it!