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Check out this fascinating TED talk on some of the statistics behind global development in the last 50 years! Click HERE.

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Innovation. Imagination. Think outside of the box. These are words and phrases that are thrown around on a daily basis. But do we actually understand the depth of their meaning?

I think “INDEX: Design to Improve Life” does. They discover innovative solutions to global issues. Ever think of how a $25 PC might change the world? Or how about how we might fix stupid roads?

Read more here: http://designtoimprovelife.dk/category/s15-award2013/index-award-winners-2013/

Think outside the box.


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“About 3.7% of new tuberculosis (TB) patients and 20% of patients who have had prior treatment for TB have a drug resistant strain of tuberculosis. This is a worrying problem since the struggle against TB is already underfunded and because it takes vastly more resources to fight drug resistant tuberculosis. Additionally, treatment for drug resistant tuberculosis can take years and cause severe side effects like permanent hearing loss.

Initial steps for combatting these strains of tuberculosis will take the form of ensuring proper use of antibiotics and improving the conditions of places where TB is often spread such as prisons. Past that point, there is a need for better diagnostic and surveillance information.”

-Mitchell Chen, President of UW Global HEED

See the Article Here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/07/09/200387607/what-it-takes-to-cure-drug-resistant-tuberculosis


Micrograph of Mycobacterium tuberculosis