UW Film Resources

Whether you’re interested in making films or learning about them, the University of Washington has many film related resources.

  • Cinema Studies Major – The University of Washington offers an undergraduate degree focusing in the study of literature through the Department of Comparative Literature, Cinema, and Media. If you don’t want to major in cinema studies, the department offers many fascinating classes that focus on the study of film.
  • DRAMA 406 – This course is an introduction to Digital Cinema Production. Typically taught by Andrew Tsao (Home Improvement),  this course offers unique instruction in film production. Students are exposed to all aspects of production including camera direction, sound operation, and set etiquette.
  • ASUW Arts & Entertainment – The A&E Department of the Associated Students of the University of Washington puts on a number of events related to the entertainment world and brings many wonderful guests to the University of Washington. There are many ways to get involved in the planning or production of these events.
  • RSO’s – In addition to Film Club, there are a number of other Registered Student Organizations on campus that feature film appreciation and production. The database above can be used to search for active organizations.
  • Media Arcade – The University of Washington Library System has a massive collection of films and video archives, alongside many other art and culture related resources.
  • DXARTS – The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media is a center at the University of Washington specializing in digital and experimental art. DXARTS has access to many digital film resources and has a number of classes focusing on animation and other topics in digital media.