Seattle Film Resources

Seattle has a burgeoning film scene and is rapidly increasing its international presence.  This page focuses on resources related to film in Seattle. For UW specific resources see here.

  • SIFF – Seattle is home to one of the largest film festivals in the world and a preeminent North American festival. The Seattle International Film Festival has impacted Seattle Cinema for over 40 years. The festival runs from the middle of May to early June, but the organization itself is active year round with film showings in multiple locations. Volunteering at SIFF is an excellent way to get involved in the Seattle film community and comes with many perks and benefits.
  • Northwest Film Forum – Northwest Film Forum is a great resource for film aficionados and makers alike. The arts organization screens numerous independent films every year, showcases local productions, and has affordable equipment rentals and tutorials.
  • Scarecrow Video – Scarecrow is the United States’ largest video store. The non-profit organization is located close to the University of Washington in the U-District. It has one of the largest collections of VHS tapes in the world and has many rare and out of print titles. Scarecrow is a staple of the Seattle film community and a must visit for all fans of film.
  • Seattle Office of Film and Music – The City of Seattle’s dedicated office for film has many resources related to filming in Seattle. Besides providing information on Seattle laws and regulations, the office has unique insight on film locations and the history of Seattle film.  If you’d like to film on the street in Seattle, the Office of Film and Music can provide you with the necessary permits.
  • MoPOP – Formally known as the EMP (Experience Music Project), the Museum of Pop Culture houses many amazing relics of popular culture and entertainment history. Paul Allen’s museum has many programs, exhibits, and opportunities for community involvement.
  • SCUFF – The Seattle College and University Film Festival was founded by UW (and UW Film Club) alumnus Will Cadra in 2016. The festival is an opportunity for students at Seattle colleges and universities to share their work with a receptive local audience.