About Us


Greg Arietta is a senior studying Cinema & Media Studies and Finance at the Foster School of Business with a minor in Political Science. He's wildly fascinated with movies, film construction, and cinema production. Greg tries to go to the theaters at least once a week and loves to talk about film at club meetings. He has been involved with Film Club for five years, and is in his fourth year as Co-President.

Louie Ghalib is a senior studying economics at the University of Washington. In addition to to being a movie fan, Louie is also a huge audiophile. In his spare time you can find him watching movies or making music. He has been involved with film club for 3 years and is in his first year as co-president

Sierra Stella is a junior studying Creative Writing. She grew up loving movies, sparked by an obsession with The Wizard of Oz at approximately age three. She attended Film Jeopardy at Dawg Daze her freshman year and never looked back! She has been a member of Club for two years and this is her first year as co-president.

Site Authors

Ivy Pottinger-Glass, Junior (exchange student from UK), English Literature. I'm interested in filmmaking and love reading.


Aleks Jovcic, Freshman, prospective Computer Science major. I am a lover of films and filmmaking.




Jim Saunders, Freshman, Informatics and Cinema and Media Studies. Movies and filmmaking quickly became a passion of mine after seeing La La Land, which propelled me to discover more about film and to start up a Film Club at my high school. I also love coffee, rainy Seattle days, and spending time with my labradoodle, George.

Simon Jones, Freshman, Undeclared, likes watching the occasional movie or two.

Zoey Gonzalez, Sophomore, Communications and Photomedia. I’m interested in photography and I enjoy reading books and watching The Office way too much.

Stephanie Chuang, Freshman, Computer Science and Cinema and Media Studies. I started getting into movies when I watched the Oscars for the first time in eighth grade, and have been obsessed with film ever since. Additionally, I enjoy reading, cats, and Asian/Italian food.

Madelyn Land, I’m a first year and I’m studying Political Science and English with a focus in writing. Big fan of Sofia Coppola and Taika Waititi. Might also be a coffee addict.

Past Leadership

Jamie Housen is aformer club president serving from Fall 2015-Spring 2018. He  studied Entrepreneurship and Operations Management at the Foster School of Business. He's an avid Seattle sports fan and when not watching movies closely follows United States politics. In addition to Film Club, he was heavily involved in TEDxUofW.