Announcing the 2019 UW Student Film Festival & 36 Hour Film Competition

We’re extremely excited to formally announce the 2019 UW Student Film Festival and 36 Hour Film Competition!

Our favorite community event will take place on May 30th at 7:30pm in Gowen 301 and celebrate the best student films made by fellow UW students! We hope to bring together both the film-making and film-watching communities on campus for an evening that celebrates student film! Submissions are now open through midnight on May 27th, so make sure to submit your project, or share it with your friends, before the deadline!

Don’t have a film? We got you covered! We’ll be hosting our 36 Hour Film Competition on Friday May 17th at 7pm in Red Square where we will give you a prop, one line of dialog, and 36 hours to make any film you and your friends can imagine! All entries from this category will make it into the festival, so it’s a great way to get into the festival if you don’t have something readily available.

Rules for both the UW Student Film Festival and 36 Hour Film Competition can be found here.

Three awards will be given out this year: Best Overall Film, Best 36 Hour Film, and the Audience Choice Award.

To help with the former two, we’re bringing back a guest panel of judges, but now expanding it to include members of the Seattle film community. On our panel, we have Cinema & Media Studies’ very own Eric Ames, CEO of Electric Dream Factory (and former club VP) Lacey Leavitt, and Scarecrow Video’s Matt Lynch!

Plus a new addition to this year’s festival is the preservation of this year’s selection in the UW Library! All films shown at the festival will be archived in the library system for future generations to watch and research!

To learn more about the submission process, please see our landing page on our website, or you can directly submit your film at our Film Freeway link here.

We can’t wait for this year’s event and hope to have a celebratory evening for the UW Film Community!