About Film Club

The UW Film Club is the foremost organization for exploring film culture at the University of Washington. Each week we get together, watch a film, and discuss it and everything else going on in the entertainment world. Additionally, we program quarterly filmmaking competitions, have access to prescreenings for many of the biggest releases of the year, and provide an outlet for our UW film community. For the fall 2018 Quarter, we meet at 7:30 PM Thursday nights in Paccar 290.

Latest News and Reviews

SXSW Review: ‘Good Boys’ Fails to Even Entertain

From time to time, a film makes its inspiration so evidently clear that it’s impossible to remove the viewing experience from what birthed it. For Gene Stupnitsky’s Good Boys, it’s clear that Superbad inspired the premise of his film, but instead of teenagers running around town carrying out crazy hijinks, it’s twelve year old children. …

Review: Mark Cousins Pens a Speculative Letter in ‘The Eyes of Orson Welles’

If you’re reading this you have probably heard of Orson Welles. In the pantheon of film, he’s one of the most respected directors of all time who had a life as fascinating as the ones he put on screen, but I bet you didn’t know he was also a painter. The man who gave birth …


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