Sayaw Coordinator

Saralyn Santos

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Year: Senior

Major: Informatics: Human-Computer Interaction

Why did you choose to take on the task of becoming an officer for this upcoming school year?

I’ve been in Sayaw for the last two years, and loved every minute of it! I was really able to break out of my shell, make a lot of new friends, and learned so much about the Philippines that I’d never known before. I went from someone who could barely do the Electric Slide to someone who could sprint through a 45-minute set at Northwest Folklife; I have Sayaw to thank for that.

I chose to run for Sayaw Coordinator because I want to ensure that every dancer in Sayaw learns more about Filipino culture and history, makes a set of lifelong friends, and always feels like a valuable and loved member of our group.

What part of FASA caused you to keep coming back?

I really appreciated the way everyone in FASA just welcomed me in and accepted me as one of the family. Even though I was really shy and awkward my freshman year, and didn’t talk all that much, people remembered my name and said hi to me whenever they saw me. To young freshman me, something as little as that meant a lot. As I got deeper into FASA, I loved the opportunities I had to learn more about our culture and our history. FASA has given me a family and a deeper appreciation of what it means to be Filipino, and I’m eternally grateful for that.

If I had to sum it all up, I’d say Filipinx friends and free food (the most important F’s of my college experience) kept me coming back.

What class(es) do you recommend students to take?

Tagalog with Kuya Richard!!

I am more than _____ . 

I’m more than a bird, I’m more than a plane, I’m a birdplane.

Fun Fact:

I not-so-secretly want to be a Broadway star.

Social Media Handles: 

Facebook: /saralynsantos

Instagram: @saralynsantos

Twitter: @ironflutist