Vice President

Alex Gonzaga


Year: Senior

Major: Physics

Why did you choose to take on the task of becoming an officer for this upcoming school year?

I chose to take on this opportunity for a few reasons. First, I missed the officer life and how much fun it was to serve the community and our members. Second, I wanted to step up to be able to use this year as a way of honoring our ancestors and surrounding community at UW and the impact they had in the development of UW and the shaping of what the Filipino identity is today. Lastly, I chose to take on the task because I wanted to give back to the community that welcomed me in, gave me a second home, and made me realize how important it is to know your heritage. As a returning officer, I look forward to what we can accomplish on such a momentous year ahead.

What part of FASA caused you to keep coming back?

The people. FASA brings in people of all backgrounds, those who identify as Filipino, and those who identify as Filipino American. Each individual has something new to offer when they step into the space that FASA holds, and I love learning about each individuals’ story that makes them who they are. Without a strong membership, I don’t know where FASA would be today, or if I would have even been so inspired by our members to serve as an officer for a second time.

What class(es) do you recommend students to take?

AES 151, any AES class really, ASTRO 150, Tagalog classes

I am more than _______ .

My culture’s delicious food.

Fun Fact:

I’ve performed on Safeco Field at a Mariners game twice for Filipino Heritage

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @_alexgonzaga

Snapchat: @alex_gonzaga