Ryan Fok


Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

Why did you choose to take on the task of becoming an officer for this upcoming school year?

I chose to become an officer for this school year because I really wanted to give back to the community that gave me so much the past two years. I know there are some people that would say I’ve already done so much for FASA, but as a member, it honestly doesn’t feel like work. I’m not saying that members aren’t vital to the work that we do as an organization, rather, I’m saying that as a member, you don’t really get to appreciate the hard work that officers do behind the scenes to simply organize and execute something as simple as a general meeting or a Filipino Night rehearsal.

What part of FASA caused you to keep coming back?

I kept coming back to FASA simply because of the community. Navigating your way through college is a difficult process, but once you find your niche and a group of friends that will support you through thick and thin, it becomes substantially easier.

What class(es) do you recommend students to take?

Honestly I think CSE 142 is a great class to take just because it can really open your mind to a new way of thinking about problems. On a different note, though, I would recommend AAS 360 with Professor Bonus. That’s one of the few classes that I’ve genuinely enjoyed, and Bonus is probably the only professor that I’ve actually talked to extensively outside of class.

I am more than _______ .

the smart guy with good grades.

Fun Fact:

For some reason people don’t actually know that I was born in Wisconsin. (As an alternate fun fact, I’m not actually Filipino, but my family is super Chinese from the Philippines)

Social Media Handles:

Instagram/Snapchat: @ryanfok97