Vanessa Lapitan


Year: Senior

Major: General Biology

Why did you choose to take on the task of becoming an officer for this upcoming school year?

I wanted to get more involved with FASA, beyond the usual events I did. I also really wanted to get more in touch with my Filipino culture and thought serving as Cultural Chair was a pretty good way to do that!

What part of FASA caused you to keep coming back?

Definitely the people! Everyone is really welcoming!

What class(es) do you recommend students to take?

ASTRO 150 – The Planets, ENGL 284 – Short Story Writing

I am more than _______ .

a person obsessed with musicals and good thai food. 😍

Fun Fact:

I’ve never broken a bone!

Social Media Handles:

Instagram/Snapchat: @vnessa_lapitan