Community Service

Thomas Abalahin


Year: Sophomore

Major: Social Work

Why did you choose to take on the task of becoming an officer for this upcoming school year?

I wanted to be more than just a member of an association that helped me a lot this past freshman year and become someone who actively engages with the whole process as an officer so that I could help extend offer of community to others.

What part of FASA caused you to keep coming back?

The wholeheartedness and kindness of the organization, how thoughtful it is when it comes to decision making; and how it was a great place to make friends interested in their Filipino heritage or wanting to learn about it.

What class(es) do you recommend students to take?

HSTAA 231: Race and American History, PSYCH 101: Intro to Psychology

I am more than _____ . 

a shy Asian kid with some smarts. I’m funny and loved and multifaceted!!

Fun Fact:

I love baking!! Hit me up if you want a cake.

Social Media Handles: 

Snapchat: @voidnight

Instagram: @tomasito_d

Twitter: @tomasino_d