Month: May 2013

All Day Game Day 2013


FASA Sa UW Presents:



GAME ON. Take a break from your studies and come out to the Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center for a day of relaxation and fundraising with FASA sa UW and our annual overload of gaming! We’ll have all of your favorites such as COD and Brawl, as well as Tetris……and our first ever League of Legends Tournament! Take part in the LoL or any other game’s tournament to win prizes, or just hang out and play! Come show your skills, while supporting our High School & Middle School mentorship program, @Project F.A.M.I.L.Y!

$3 General Entry
$2 For Each Tournament Entry

FASA x PISC Presents: API Film Festival

In collaboration with PISC, FASA sa UW Presents: The API Film Festival Collabo Film Fest Red 2

The Film Festival is an opportunity for students, editors, producers, directors, and actors to showcase their videograph skills to the public. It will be an open forum type of event where film will be showcased accordingly. FASA sa UW will be accepting submissions to be showcased during the event.


– Submit your shorts to (must be 3-10 minutes in length)
– Submissions will first be screened by FASA sa UW
– Attendees will vote on the winning and film at the event
– Prizes will be awarded!!!


All organizations participating will each be screening their own selected film


Date – May 2nd, 2013
Time – 5pm to 7pm
Location – Native/Chicano Room