2017 Spring Journal Club: Separators in flow batteries

We have a biweekly meeting on the separators in redox-flow batteries hosted by Jon Witt this Thur. 2:30pm @ MoIEs 225.

Since we have the Awards day this Friday, we are going to move the meeting time this week to April 27th from 2:30 to 3:30pm in MolES 215.

Jon is going to give us a talk on the separators in flow batteries. Welcome to join us!

1. Redox-Flow Batteries: From Metals to Organic Redox-Active Materials [Jan Winsberg]
2. Transport Property Requirements for Flow Battery Separators [Robert Darling]

2017 Winter Journal Club: Photo-electrochemistry

03/01/2017 5pm @ MolES 115

Led by Jon Witt from Chemical Engineering
Two papers are discussed:
1. New insight into the roles of oxygen vacancies in hematite for solar water splitting (Zhao et.al., 2017)
2. Materials for solar fuels and chemicals (Montoya et.al., 2016)
02/15/2017 5pm @ MolES 115
Led by Jerry Chen and Tai-Jin Jang from Chemical Engineering
Topic: Dual band gap solar water splitting cells
02/01/2017 5pm @ MolES 115
Led by Brian Gerwe from Chemical Engineering
Topic: solar water splitting cells
Further information on photoelectrochemistry can be found in Chapter 18.2 of Electrochemical Methods 2nd Edition by Allen J. Bard, and Larry R. Faulkner (or Chapter 14.5 of 1st Edition)