Upcoming Course: DRAMA 576: “Conversations with Antiquity” (Winter 2011)

Drama 576, T/Th, 2:30-4:50, 5 credits
Conversations with Antiquity
Odai Johnson

This course is designed to explore the first encounters with antiquity from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. From the unearthing of the Laocoon, to the first modern publications of classical literature, the commentaries on them, the re-construction projects of the Italian academies, the imitation of classical forms, the debates of the ancients and the moderns, to the Greek Revival of the 18th century, the resurgence of classical learning and the return of antiquity was a vital force of culture in the west. The broad approach of this seminar considers the theme of dialogue between periods through many mediums: art history, architecture, theatre, and theatre culture, including such possible topics as the invention of Neo-Classicism, Renaissance concepts of Roman theatres, Greek Revival architecture, and nationalism, the Senecan tradition of tragedy, the Humanist comedies of the academies, the re-discovery of perspective, and the poetics of ruins the interest

About Ed Chang

Edmond Chang is a Ph.D. Candidate in English at the University of Washington in Seattle. His main areas of interest are technoculture, digital studies, cultural studies, queer studies, film, visual rhetoric, literary nonfiction, composition, myth, role-playing games, video games, and popular culture. He graduated from the University of Maryland with his BA in English, a BA in Classics, and his MA in English. He has taught at the university level for over twelve years.
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