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     Edward L. Michor

              PhD Student         

Department of Chemical Engineering

      University of Washington                                             Prof. Berg Research Group

Edward L. Michor
PhD Student
Colloids and Interface Science group

       Dept. of Chemical Engineering
University of Washington
Box 351750, Seattle

WA 98195-1750

Phone # 708-209-7431




PhD Student

Chemical Engineering

University of Washington, USA




Advisor:  Dr. John C. Berg




Chemical Engineering

University of Minnesota, USA



Research Experience


Undergrad Research Assistant

Prof. Aditya Bhan, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA



Undergrad Research Assistant

Prof. Lanny Schmidt, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA



Current Research Interest

     My current research investigates the effects of water on charging and electrokinetics in apolar colloidal systems.  I am developing equations to predict the conductivity of apolar micellar systems and investigating the charging mechanisms involved.


     1.  Ethanol Dehydration to Ethylene in a Stratified Autothermal Millisecond Reactor

·   Published Paper: Skinner, MJ., EL. Michor, et al. Chemsuschem 2011.


    2.  Autothermal Reforming of Butanol to Butenes in a Staged Millisecond Reactor: Effect of Catalysts and Isomers

·   Submitted Paper: Sun, H., Blass, S., Michor EL., Schmidt, L. Green Chemistry Submitted 2012.

    3.  Effects of Trace Water on Charging of Silica Particles Dispersed in a Nonpolar Medium

·   Accepted Paper: Gacek, M., Bergsman, D., Michor, E., Berg, J. Langmuir Accepted 2012


 University of Washington

UW Chemical Engineering

Prof. Berg Research Group





Last Update:  August 6th, 2012