Chi Omega

Over the years, Chi Omega has provided its members with unique opportunities in leadership, scholarship, and lifelong friendship – striving to provide each Sister with a commitment to personal integrity, excellence in academic and intellectual pursuits, intergenerational participation, community service, leadership opportunities and social enrichment.


Progress: 42/96

While Chi Omega has stronger areas, like for instance in transportation, we still have significant progress to make, most notably in Water Reduction & Community Connections.

Active Green Chair and occasional updates on chapter’s sustainability progress in meetings!

Efficient 1.5 GPM Showerheads

Chapter provides reusable dishware and compostable disposable for on-the-go!

New members taught about sustainable transportation (how to use the LINK)!

No ENERGY STAR Appliances

CFL’s rather than LED’s for lights!

Efficient 1.5 GPM Showerheads

Chapter doesn’t volunteers for environmental causes at least once per year! 

Chapter has the “waste tools” but the best waste practices culture needs work! Only 25% of bins have signage.

Current Project(s): Improving the Waste Practices in Chapter, including getting recycling/composting bins in main areas with visible signage.

Green Greek Representative: Katie Gibian

Latest Sustainability Survey Info: November 2016

Other involved members: Green Greek Member Olivia Kaplan

Past Projects:

 Worked to improve waste practices (Fall 2016, Katie Gibian)

Future Projects:

Sustainable Shower Solutions: Reduce Shower Flow from 2.5 GPM to 1.5 GPM

Create a Report on “Making the Business Case for Sustainability” to encourage stakeholders to implement sustainable solutions and to provide an example to other chapter’s of what they could be saving

Increase Sustainable Sourcing: Buy compostable or re-usable kitchen items (utensils, etc.)

Additional Chapter Education on Best Waste Practices, Reducing Energy, etc.

 Design an Energy Challenge for the Chapter to reduce overall energy usage

Katie Gibian
I am a Environmental Science-Wildlife Conservation major who is passionate about conservation, wildlife, and protecting Earth’s ecosystems. I aim to spread sustainability awareness throughout our community through environmental actions such as putting signs up for eco-friendly reminders and installing compost bins in bathrooms. I am currently a volunteer at the Woodland Park Zoo and previously volunteered in Peru for biological conservation organization.

Sustainability Action Plan: NA