This Week: A visit from CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting Kevin Wilhelm

At our next meeting on November 15th, 2016, the Green Greek Representative Program has the privilege of hosting “one of the world’s pre-eminent business consultants and teachers in the field of sustainability,” Kevin Wilhelm. He will be coming to talk with us about how we as a community can go chase after our dream careers with sustainability in mind. Kevin Wilhelm has been very successful in writing multiple guide books on how to make different areas and aspects of your life more sustainable now and in the future. What’s more, Wilhelm will be giving us insight into his newest book Sustainability Jobs. This book has given people the necessary tools in how to go after their dream job in sustainability.

One of his key concepts is that as a community we need to make sustainability “stick,” a major concern especially within our Greek community. It’s important that we look at these changes not as a temporary solution, but as the beginning of a new lifestyle for our community. Wilhelm is coming to share these ideas and give us some major tips and hints as ways we can continue to make these positive sustainable changes in the Greek community.

Kevin Wilhelm has spoken to hundreds of audiences, many of which share a desire to make their communities more sustainable. We are beyond lucky to host Mr. Kevin Wilhelm and hear just a few ways in which we can enrich the sustainability within the Greek community.






Husky Neighborhood & the Green Greek Representative Group: Let’s Clean ‘Er Up TOGETHER!

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-1-37-03-pmIt’s no secret that waste is a big problem in some areas of the UW Greek Community, as well as other areas north of campus. This problem turns from big to BIG in the month before school starts (late August and early September) and the month after school ends (June). Students are on the move, transitioning between houses, apartments, dorms, etc. and in the process a lot of waste gets left behind or abandoned on the street as somebody else’s problem. What’s more, waste also piles up in disposal containers throughout the quarter, and cans and other trash gets haphazardly tossed into bushes.

Luckily, there are groups within the community who care a lot.

TDXHusky Neighborhood Interns is a University of Washington program intended to create a stronger, safer, and more enriching community for residents. As the Deputy Director for Regional & Community Relations Aaron Hoard explains, this group of dedicated interns puts into action ideas generated from the North of 45th Effort, a platform for residents – students and non-students alike – to discuss neighborhood issues, including health, safety, sustainability, etc. In the past, the Husky Neighborhood Interns have organized Neighborhood Safety Walks, clean-up events (such as their “Touch Up Truck Hill” event last April), and even transformed a vacant lot at the intersection of NE 47nd and 22nd NE into an asset for the community, a park!

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-1-21-52-pmOn August 31, September 7th, 26th, and 27th, the Husky Neighborhood Group in partnership with Seattle Public Utilities and UW’s Office of Regional & Community Relations will host their Husky Neighborhood Cleanup! They offer FREE recycling, donation, and disposal of unwanted items. In 2008, when the event was first started, collected material from the Spring Husky Neighborhood Cleanup event totaled over 12 tons! In 2015, the Spring event generated almost 6 tons of donated items, such as books, household items, small furniture, electronics, and sporting goods, comprising over 50% of materials collected.

This year, a new player’s getting involved: the Green Greek Representative Program (GGRP), a 70+ group of representatives from almost all 50 campus chapters who are dedicated to making the Greek Community a more sustainable place. While the group will heavily promote the August & September event, they are actively planning and hoping to collaborate with the Husky Neighborhood Group on a mid-quarter Neighborhood Cleanup Event for late November.

Community Clean-Up

In November 2015, the GGRP was actively involved in the event and got 18+ chapters to participate. However, this year they want to take a bigger role in planning the event and have participation from all 50 chapters. “It’s so important to keep our community clean,” said Green Greek Director Talia Haller. “But it’s almost equally important to foster positive community interactions between the Greek Community, other students, and other residents.”

TaliGroupBoth groups are excited about the opportunity to work together. “We’re always looking for opportunities to work with students, especially Greek students because of the network, resources, and leadership their community can provide,” said Deputy Director Aaron Hoard, who manages the Husky Neighborhood Interns.


Originally Published on the UW Sustainability Blog, In Our Nature