Leadership Team


Overall strategy, recruitment, programming, project creation and management.



Office Hours: Wednesday from 12:30-2:30 pm at Ode
(2nd Floor Computer Lab)

VP Merchandise

Creates, markets, and sells merchandise as a source of funding for the group, works on innovation ideas.


VP Finance

In charge of Chapter payments, finds project funding, applies for grants, creates budget, collects any chapter dues.


VP Operations

Updates Project Database, Project Leader go-to, tracks attendance.


VP Events

Organizes quarterly Clean-Up and Chipotle Fundraiser, updates calendar with sustainability-related opportunities. The three things I am focusing on will be fundraising, volunteering, and networking.



Project Leaders


Waste Right Progress Reporting

Helps Chapters that have already implemented waste management plans to track their actual savings and continue to divert waste.

Use Chapter Utility bills to track progress. Pays special attention to eliminate any “Extra Garbage Fees” and “Code 25” citations for too much recycling in garbage.

Works with Seattle Public Utilities to adjust pick-up levels and deliver educational sessions.


Waste Zero Initiative

Coordinates Sustainably-run Greek Events within our Community, including Feeds and Philanthropy Events.

The goal is to have at least three “Zero Waste” events per quarter, meaning no trash is produced and all recycling and compost are disposed of correctly.

How it works: This six-person team will split up into three teams of two and each coordinate one event.

Two-person teams will collaborate with Chapters Event Planner to source sustainable materials.
Teams will attend event to assist with set-up, help people dispose of their waste correctly, clean-up, and calculate waste diversion rate after the event.

Want a Zero Waste Team at your Chapter’s event? Contact Project Leader Kate Gibian at kgibian@uw.edu.

Energy Challenge

Increase community awareness of energy usage and ways to be more energy efficient, tracking improvements over time. Design and promote a competition between chapters to see who can reduce their energy the most.


Audit Team

Distributes and collects initial survey for Representatives to fill out regarding their Chapter’s sustainability status.

Analyzes survey results and distinguishes trends, creates Greek-wide sustainability ranking.
Teams of two (three total teams) do on-site Chapter audits during the “working” part of classes, visiting a total of 18 chapters over the quarter (two per team per week), to verify survey results and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Finalize Sustainability Status Rankings at the end of the quarter, including progress made in Fall.

Want an audit done on your chapter? Contact Project Leader Emma Graham at eeg4@uw.edu.

Progress Reporting: Water

Helps Chapters that have already implemented water solutions to track their actual savings and continue to reduce their water usage.

Use Chapter utility bills to for quantitative analysis to see difference in water usage before and after solution implementation.

Obtain qualitative analysis by talking to Chapter Members and increasing education.


Environmentally Lit

Helps Chapters implement lighting solutions.

First, do a Chapter Lighting Audit. From there, Representatives research potential solutions and create the business case, then present the report to relevant Chapter Stakeholders.

If implementation is not currently possible, a full recommendation is given to the person who deals with lighting for future use.


Water Implementation

Helps Chapters that have NOT already implemented water solutions to do so.

Representatives start by doing a Water Audit on their chapter, then research Chapter-specific sustainable solutions, and create the business case.

Next they present the business case to relevant Chapter stakeholders, obtain funding, and implement solution.


Marketing Strategist

In Charge of Overall Marketing Strategy to increase awareness of Program and make it easy to recruit new members. Creates, manages, and updates all social media accounts including website and LinkedIn. Works with photographer and blogger to produce rich content.


Waste Management Implementation

Works with Chapters to create three-part waste management plan, including 1) initial cost-benefit analysis, 2) implementation of necessary waste bins / signage / additional sustainable products, and 3) educational chapter presentations.

Uses Utility bills to estimate potential savings, as well as speaks with members and staff to determine best plan.


[youtube https://youtu.be/z7NxCpgNl7I w=570&h=321]

See What We’re Doing

The University of Washington as an institution is a leader in sustainability. Yet prior to the Green Greek Representative Group, the Greek Community, housing over 15% of the undergraduate population in 50 residential chapter houses, had not been wholeheartedly engaged in campus sustainability efforts. This lack of engagement resulted in huge amounts of waste, high utility costs, and many missed opportunities to take action and create change, especially in a community full of resources and leaders.

The movement for sustainability on college campuses is rapidly gaining momentum and while UW as an institution has the opportunity to be at the forefront, the UW Greek Community has had the opportunity to be the leader for chapters nationwide. In our first year, we worked collaboratively to create a promotional video that represents the program.

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