“Plant the Seed” Project Group

One of the projects in the Green Greek organization is the Plant the Seed group. Their long term goal is to institutionalize sustainability within the Greek Community. The current priority is connecting with the governing bodies of the UW Greek Community, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic to establish a sustainability-focused position on their Executive Councils. Along with that, they want to encourage IFC and Panhellenic to mandate a Green or Sustainability position in every chapter. Xavar, one of the enigmatic members of the Plant the Seed group, explained that the current objective of the group is to contact the Executive Councils from each Fraternity and Sorority to petition for a Green Chair in each chapter. Xavar has already spoken to his own president about creating a Green chair and has been told that next year on the ballot, the position will be available to run for. The importance of a Green chair would be able to bring forth change from within the chapter and keep the conversation of sustainability relevant. However, a further advantage of a Green Chair would be saving money through resource efficient retroactive fittings. Over the past year, Greek chapters nationally have begun to implement Green chairs in their houses, which is the first step to truly becoming a Green Greek. So, lets Plant the Seed and bring forth an era of Green Greeks!

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